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How to install the latest TDBF Component?

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Hello ppl,

Im very new to Lazarus/FPC, but i know wy way with Delphi.
I installed the TDBF Component that whas installed with the latest CVS Build (v0.9.7). But i want to install the latest version of the TDBF Component that can be downloaded from .
It doesn't work very well.
I Get messages that the dbf unit can not be found etc.. When i tryed to install the latest version.

Can someone help me and give me a step-by-step kinda help?

Thx in advance.
Greets BlackDex.

Well i think i have it installed now. But it isn't working :(.
When i add the TDBF Component to the form, and then run the App, i get an error about PropEdits not found.

So i gues i still have done something wrong :(.


Have you tried the TDBF component which comes with Lazarus? (It can be found in {LazDir}/components/tdbf)

Yepp.. Have tryed that. That seems to work.
But, i want to use the latest version, some buggys fixed. And it just should work :p.
It compiles/installs normaly into Lazarus. But for some reason when i put the component to the form, it doesn't work, and i get the error(s) i posted above.


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