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Are tools for creating/edit highlighters for Synedit or they are created manually.
Only Pascal highligter has code folding and other have only code coloring or some else have code folding?
It is correct that Pascal highligter not fold comments at top of code?

I have asked the same questions before you here are some posts of mine of others:,11064.0.html,1777.0.html,7879.0.html,7338.0.html

also, you can find on "Lazarus/examples/ two examples" which may help you which are "synanyhighlighter" and "synpositionhighlighter".

A list of conversations and topics:

Yes they are al created by hand.

Folding is implemented in (0.9.29):
Pascal, Diff, Lfm, Xml, Html

Other than the examples. The 2 "simplest" Highlighters (with folding) are probably Lfm and Diff

Other than the wiki,  a very very few entries are in the fpdoc (doc folder in Synedit).


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