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open picture dialog


I know, that open picture dialog isn't exist in Kylix becouse it isn't exist in QT. I think,that it isn't exist in gtktoo.
But somhwere I read about third party open picture dialog for Kylix, and now can't find this link.
Who knows... may be t will be usable with Lazarus too...

Vincent Snijders:
Lazarus has a OpenPictureDialog and a SavePictureDialog in the dialogs tab. I have tried to add the OpenPictureDialog nd seemed to work.

I can't fine it!
May be U mean that OpenPictureDIalog exists in Windows version?
Or may be I have old version? I downloaded it in september... As far as I remember it's 0.9.0...
I'll try download newest verison...

I desillutioned with OpenPicture Dialog...
It show only xpm graphics... as TImage...
Hope bot components will support more graphic formats in nearest future.


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