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has anyone had any experience using Delphi for networking in Windows Mobile 6.x? If yes, which components do you use? The aim is to develop a simple client/server chat program (with the server running on a pc while the clients are mobile).

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi all,

I'm a relative newbie, writing simple test Delphi programs for networking in Windows Mobile (it's for a study project). Right now I wrote a very simple program that only displays the local IP when a button is clicked. It worked fine using Indy 10 (TIdIPWatch) and compiled for my Windows PC, but when I try to compile for WinCE I get:

C:\lazarus\components\indy\lazarus\IdAntiFreeze.pas(78,16) Error: Forward declaration not solved "TIdAntiFreeze.Process;"
C:\lazarus\components\indy\lazarus\IdAntiFreeze.pas(60,18) Hint: Unit "IdBaseComponent" not used in IdAntiFreeze

Is there a workaround?

I'd also like to try the same with lNet, how can I do this with the TLTCPComponent?

{Ok, you could probably access the registry for that; sorry for asking}


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