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Default keys for a feature
« on: November 06, 2010, 10:38:58 am »
some time ago (actually many years) I came up with idea how to simplify the navigation in the code (I called it WIdent and you can read about it here: At that time there was no Lazarus, so I implemented it as Delphi IDE expert, that appeared also in the GExperts package. Thanks for the flexibility of Lazarus/FreePascal, when I checked for Lazarus I even had not to write anything new, it seems like after this discussion: the feature of finding previous or next word at cursor was implemented ( Enviroment-Options-Editor-Key Mappings-Text Search and Replace commands-Find Next Word Occurence/Find Previous Word Occurence)

I know that this is a matter of preference, but all these years I just tried to encourage Delphi developers to try this feature. You can read about the advantages at the page I mentioned, but in short, it's like having a new dimension at your fingers, I know I'm biased as the author :), but I really can't live without it. So, the suggestion is to assign Ctrl-Alt-Up/Down to the Find Next/Previous Word since as I suppose, this key sequences are not occupied by default. If it's not possible, it's ok, just once more, encourage everyone to assign the keys in their lazarus IDE and try to live with this feature. If you're used to it, it can save you much time when coding :)


Max Vlasov,