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Anything like Expect in TCL available for Lazarus??

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I'd like to rework a program I wrote in perl on a linux box into a console app in pascal.  It uses a module called which is a perl version of Expect in TCL.  This module allows me to telnet into a remote box and run commands on it.  What I do is run a database export command on the Informix database on the remote server and then ftp into it and download the resulting data to use on the local machine.  Is there anything like Expect for pascal or is there some other way I can do the same thing with just the generic pascal language or Lazarus itself???


I don't know exactly what expect does, but maybe TTelnetSend is similar?


If i understood right lnet component works very well.
Recently i have used telnet with lnet and still working fine.
My app connects with a remote system and basically sends commands to send or request ascii data.

lnet component uses no blocking methods and can work as a server or client.
Additionally and related with last paragraph, you have all events you need:
OnReceive, OnConnect, OnDisconnect, etc.

You have to wait for Almindor answer that is one of the experts and authors of this component, i think.

We have also on this forum others that have huge experience as theo and other experience guys.


It's been a slow brain day for me today, I can't seem to find out where to access the lnet stuff in Lazarus???  Is it included with Lazarus or do I have to install it from an outside source???

Please use small words since I think my wife played a trick on me last night and stuffed my head with cotton balls while I slept  %)

After installing some caffeine my brain ramped it up to three functioning cells so I figured out what I had to download and how to install it to get Lnet, now I just have to get a few more brain cells firing in sequence so I can figure out how to use it.  %)


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