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debugger not useful at all !?


Sorry, but I must ask : is there any way to fix debugger in Lazarus under Win32 ? I can only step over/in (and not always) and cannot watch any even simple variables !!! All have <disabled> value ! :twisted:

Well ... debugger worked for me in linux. Of course it has horrible issues. It must be configured perfecty otherwise it may just crash =(

I just configured my debugger doing the following: Environment menu ---> Debugger Options

And then set the debugger to what you what and ALSO fill in the path box with the full path including the file name of the debugger executable. I put only the path without the file name and lazarus started crashing when I tryed to debug =(

you can indeed Watch.
go to debug screens, DOUBLE CLICK left mouse button.

Watch. :D

Also you can use Evaluate to show all kind of useful info. (Evaluate = also a Watch, no?)

That is, if the debugger is working on your system .


Form1.BorderStyle := bsSizeable;
  Form1.WindowState := wsNormal;  

How can I show Form1.BorderStyle current value ? I get parse error near BorderStyle !

At the moment, you cannot
GDB has no knowledge about properties. The info needed to retrieve the value anyhow, needs to be build in lazarus.
If you want, you can got to eveluate expression (CTRL-F7) and eveluate FBORDERSTYLE


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