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Why RichMemo package does not install?

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I could not find any explanation why richmemo does not work in Lazarus.

RichMemo developers do not respond on this forum? Does anyone use this component on Windows?

Yes, I use it on Windows. But I do not remember if I improves it to work. If you want I can upload my package.

typo. the SVN version of RichMemo is targeted for SVN version of Lazarus.
You might have problems ('re missing the compilation error here...) installing svn-richmemo on 0.9.28 Lazarus or earlier SVN versions.

As well as 1.0 version (available at CCR) would fail to work on SVN version of Lazarus.

Things will be better with the next Lazarus release.


--- Quote ---If you want I can upload my package.
--- End quote ---

Please do it.

But, as Dimitry mentioned this version works with lazarus from svn.


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