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Hello, my name is Regina, I'm in Brazil and my English is translated by Google Translate. I hope the translation is almost perfect.

I am looking for a routine in Pascal/Lazarus to access the library of Linux called BlueZ. I need to find a way to detect computer BlueTooth phones nearby, grab it and know the MAC signal level of approximation (near, far or out of area). An example would be the program in Python (BlueProximity), it detects, makes approachability and many other features that I have no interest. If anyone knows anything let me get the information. I thank you because I tried hard and found nothing.

Well, maybe you need to write a wrapper to this library, but you need the documentation for it.

I have found this page on the wiki ( ) about the subject. Maybe you can contribute to the project.

I had seen this wiki and have talked with the author. it does what I need, nor is it that we put in the bluetooth usb, is a remote control equipment, not for me, nor can you use for what I want. If anyone knows I'm waiting for more information.


The library surely have C interface, it could be translated to Pascal easily (if it's written cleanly). You can then look for C example and translate it as well.

I did it! A Nokia employee helped me.
However, I have to handle Python within my project in Lazarus.
I'm doing a Google search to see if I can find the union of two, has to Delphi, but only with Lazarus promise ...


Lazarus 0.9.29 rUnknown FPC 2.5.1 i386-linux-gtk 2 (beta)


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