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Unexpected end of xpm stream.


On my gentoo I have fpc 1.9.8. When trying to launch lazarus 0.9.6 I get "Unexpected end of xpm stream" Exception in forms.pp file. I don't know what may be the problem, but all xpm images open correctly in Gnome Image Viewer. What may be the problem?

Here is the stack trace when this exception occurs:

--- Code: ---[FORMS.PP] ExceptionOccurred
  Exception=Unexpected end of xpm stream
  Stack trace:
  $08154CA9  READHEADER,  line 1921 of intfgraphics.pas
  $08154089  TLAZREADERXPM__INTERNALREAD,  line 2192 of intfgraphics.pas
  $0811C0BA  TBITMAP__READSTREAMWITHFPIMAGE,  line 980 of ./include/
  $0811BB92  TBITMAP__READSTREAM,  line 573 of ./include/
  $0811B580  TBITMAP__LOADFROMSTREAM,  line 395 of ./include/
  $0811B514  TBITMAP__LOADFROMLAZARUSRESOURCE,  line 387 of ./include/
  $0806F222  TAPPLICATION__INITIALIZE,  line 256 of ./include/
  $08053218  main,  line 61 of lazarus.pp
TApplication.HandleException Unexpected end of xpm stream
[FORMS.PP] ExceptionOccurred

--- End code ---

It appears, that Lazarus fails to load MAINICON from resources.


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