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I am very happy that it is possible to work with an ide for making pascal software for the mac. Freepascal seems like a very good idea. However.

I cannot get lazarus to work on my Mac.

I downloaded the lazarus package from the nightly buid, and ran the installer.

There is however no lazarus anywhere that neither I nor the finder have been able to locate.

No error messages were displayed during instalation.

Does this mean that the installation has failed, or are the files located in some obscure folder that I cant find using the finder?

Is there a way to know where the software was installed or if it failed without generating an error message??

It's in directory /usr/local/share/lazarus

Unfortunately finder doesn't allow access to those sorts of directories, at least not as far as I can tell. It would be nice if the installer put a link in the applications directory.

FPC is in /usr/local/bin

You need X11 (from Apple), gtk and gdk-pixbuf libraries installed (for example through fink, a package manager) and an installation of FreePascal. With everything set up you can start Lazarus from the X11 xterm. More details are on the lazarus wiki page:

For questions visit the IRC channels: #fpc and #lazarus

correction: #lazarus-ide


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