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Can't convert WSDL file using WST


Dear all.

I can't convert a WSDL file with the following error:

--- Code: ---The Schema node has at least the "targetNamespace" attribute.

Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.
Press Cancel to kill the program.
--- End code ---

I use wst from SVN, because with wst-0.5 I was not able to convert any WSDL at all. Now I can convert, for example, wsdl file from Amazon, but for converting wsdl from my custom web-server (we have some web-daemon at our company) gives me the error I wrote above.

Can You help?

Thank You in advance,

Andrey Sapegin.

Moreover, this file can be converted with 'wsimport' command without any problems.
So if I will not solve this problem today, I should write my application in Java, not in Lazarus:(

Try the wst mailing list:

I believe the author of wst checks it regularly.


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