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Hi, I try to  use TDBF component, but when I run my project I got this message "PROJECT MYPROJECT RAISED EXCEPTION CLASS 'EXTERNAL: SIGSEGV'". How can I fix this, Thank

P.D.: Sorry about my English

It is a bit hard to say from the information you give. When do you get this error? Try stepping through your sources to find out when this happens.

I get this error when I try to read or write a field from my dbf file. I use MyDbfField.Value and MyDbfField is type TStringField, just like TTable component in Delphi, what is wrong? The documentation about TDBF component is very poor. When I can find information about this package?

How (and where) did you declare and assign MyDBFied

I declare MyDbFField in a DataModule and I assign MyDBFField in another Unit in the poject that use the unit DataModule. Is it wrong?


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