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selecting property from appeared menu like in delphi (kylix)


I mean... when I writing in Delphi or Kylix I used to look the pproperties, methods in the IDE, I used to write fast by selecting property from menu, that appears after '.' (dot) is pressed...
For example, I wrote...
then prewssed '.'
And Select 'Caption' from menu that appears after the dot key is pressed.
Is it implemented in Lazaur, and if it is, how I would enable this opportunity in my Lazarus ide???

Vincent Snijders:
I think you mean this:

After typing part of the identifier orthe '.', press <CTRL>+<SPACE>.  A list of possible identifiers appears. Press enter the selected the current highlighted one.

Yes I think he means that but why do you have to press CTRL SPACE when Delphi does it automatically after a settable pause?

thanks Vincent.
Where I can read such things and do not post silly messages here anymore???


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