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ToolButton.MenuItem.OnClick don't called. LCL-Bug?


OnClick-Events from ToolButton' submenus don't called more.
I think it's LCL-BUG.
It worked before but now with SVN-Revision 27275 (2010-09-06) they don't work.

It created Menutoolbar yesterday and searched 5 hours why menu-clicks don't work. Until i found that this with normal toolbars don't work more.

I will install yet latest snapshot maybe it works again  ::)

See example-projekt at attach what i mean:

I forget it doesn't work in older versions from lazarus.
It works only with ToolButton.DropdownMenu.

I use toolbutton.dropdownmenu property yet the new Menutoolbar-component works great.

I wonder why toolbutton.menuitem property don't worked. Is it useless?


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