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Play with locate clone and invitation for corrections


Hi all,

I've been learning FreePascal by writing a version of the Unix locate program that indexes all files on a computer (or path), stores it in a (Firebird) database and prints it.
As of now, it also sees mp3 ids and exif data for jpgs/photos.
In future, it should be able to create multiple indexes, compare file hashes, support searches, grow a GUI, support exporting/importing etc.

I have a working initial version for Windows x86, but my Windows x64 version seems to have issues with the Firebird connectivity (see
I've tried to compile the code on Linux but decided to focus first on Windows x86 in order to get something working.

The code itself can be found at:
You can download source code together with a binary for Windows x86 at:

Any suggestions for improvement of the code are welcome, especially the database code.



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