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SOAP using WebServiceToolkit


Please help me I need to get it working but I get some errors during WSDL importing.

I cant import ANY of the WSDL files because I get access violation error during a few parsing items.

Could some help me with this one?

I installed wst_design from WSD 0.5 and compilation went successful, but for example ws_helper dont compile and dont even start compiling. I get irracional error Error: Illegal parameter: -H+


OK, I handled importing WSDL, but another huge problem occured. A lot of variables stored in WSDL contain - character (dash). And after converting it into Pascal code, FPC cannot parse it because pascal variables cannot have "-" this character in its name.

Any suggestions how to overcome this?

i dont know if that is connected to the answer, but maybe can help you :D,10438.0.html

Try use latest 0.6 version from SVN. I remember that on 0.5 ver. I had many errors too but 0.6 version works pretty.
I suggest to post on WST list group .


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