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mod_helloworld.lpr(9,10) Fatal: Can't find unit fpapache used by mod_helloworld

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It's weird, compiler can't find unit and editor can...

Any Ideas why it hapens?

Lazarus Beta FPC 2.2.4 Ubuntu 9.04

I've noticed that installed fpWeb components are located in "/usr/lib/lazarus/" beside examples it doesn't contains much.

and the source that editor opens is in "/usr/share/fpcsrc/2.2.4/packages/fcl-web/src/fpapache.pp"

I've made a wrong component install?

there is weblaz.lpk and lazwebextra.lpk located in /usr/lib/lazarus/"

Did you install them using menu Packages->Install/Uninstall Packages?
it will recompile lazarus iirc

I've installed WebLaz from the "Installed Packages" dialog (see picture) and I don't know what Lazarus did....

I will try to install the lazwebextra.lpk

By the way... I can't find the "lazwebextra.lpk" file in the location you said  :-[


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