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Indy http component doesn't work on OS X?



I made a small program to test the tIDhttp component on both Windows and OS X. I send a simple text request using the POST command to get a text response from the server.
It works perfectly well on Windows, but it locks up on OS X.

Anyone having experience with Indy http on OS X?

The error happens in TIdCustomHTTP.ReadResult where it calls IOHandler.ReadStream with unknown response contentlength. I have placed a breakpoint at the first line of ReadStream, but it never enters this function. Any suggestions?

Best regards,
Hans Jakobsen


--- Quote from: JazzMan on September 06, 2010, 03:50:20 pm ---Any suggestions?
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either lnet, or synapse (trunk versions)

I'm not aware of Indy developers trying to maintain the component for MacOSX.


Yes, I gave up on Indy. Too many problems. Today I tried Synapse and within 10 minutes I was up running on both Windows and Mac. It simply works :-)

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