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Help with toolbar creation


I dug around a bit but unless I'm looking for the wrong terminology I don't seem to be able to find the info I need to set up a toolbar, that or I'm just dense :-[

I drop the toolbar on the form and add buttons but I'm missing the info on adding the dropdownmenu to a button.  I can see the option in the properties of the button but all that is there is (none) so I'm guessing I have to define the menu but I'm at a loss on where or how??  Do I do it in code or is there somewhere in Lazarus where I can define menus that are then available in the selection box?

Help  %)


P.S.  While I'm at it other than the wiki tutorials is there someplace else I should be looking for this kind of general info?

I think I finally doped it out, I was using a Toolbar when I should have been using a MainMenu  %)

Now at least I have something that looks like I wanted it to so I just have to add in the coding to make it work.   ::)



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