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Togglebox question: any way to wrap text?


Is there a way to wrap the text on a Togglebox button?  I do not see a wrap text property in the Object Inspector.

I can wrap the text within the Caption edit window, but that does not result in wrapped text on the togglebox button itself.

Also, I may have found a bug.
When I put the following text in the Caption exit window
Expand Current
the togglebox button text reads " Range Expand Current".

0.9.29 SVN 25120, on Windows Vista

Try changing the autosize property, then set with a text label. To line break use #13.


ToggleBox1.Caption: = 'Hoje' + #13 + 'Amanhã';

Translation by Google Translator.

Thank you, good thought, but that did not work.

It gave me exactly the same results as putting the text in the object editor.  Assigning the below string to the button caption gave me "RangeExpand Current". 

ToggleBox2.Caption:= 'Expand Current' + #13 + 'Range';
Autosize property was set to true.

Note: also tried #10, then #13#10 - no difference


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