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Somebody Help me. TPqconnection component doesn´t work.


Hello people,

I'm having problems with PostgreSQL and Lazarus. I have installed the packages SQLDBLAZ and PQCONNECTIONLAZ which are encountered in
/usr/share/lazarus/components/sqldb (I´m using Fedora Core2 Operating System). Both of these packages were installed successfully.

However, when I try to connect to a database using the component TPqConnection, a messagebox is showed containing the following message: "Can not load Postgresql client. Is it installed ( ?" .

Does anybody in the community know how to solve this
problem ?????? Please, help me because I must advocate the use of
FreePascal instead of Java in some areas of my enterprise. I work in one of the biggest software companies of latin america and it should be an honor to me introduce Lazarus in Here. I'm trying to develop a Linux version of my Optical inventory system which was written in Delphi 7.0 and it works perfectly well.

Thank you in advance,

Marcelo Ramos de Oliveira Júnior
SERPRO - Brazillian Federal Service of Data Processing

Add the path to the file to the libraries section in your /etc/fpc.cfg file. For example I have the following entry:


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