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Zeos for Lazarus is officially ported!

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Hi everyone,

the port to lazarus is done - fpc now has full support for variants and interfaces. Because the port is not "much more" than "a few" compiler directives, therefore the functionality is the same as it is on delphi or kylix. The sources you can get from the cvs on


Could you give a little bit detailed download and build instructions ?

Vincent Snijders:
Stevie, may I suggest you create a zip with the needed sources and lazarus package? I think it would be great to have this component on Lazarus Code and Components page and available for download at the Lazarus CCR Files page.

@ Stevie:
I reported a Patch for FPC/Lazarus under linux.
Cause there are some functions missing.
And I reported a bug.
Cause under Linux the Firebird and SQLite driver will raise a range check error when you set the Connected propertie of the TZConnection to true.
This will only happen when yyou set the propertie in  the IDE to true for testing.

You need a CVS client for getting this great piece of software. ;)
If you use Windows then try TortoiseCVS.
The CVS server is:
Username: anonymous
Repository Path: /cvsroot/zeoslib
No password.
Checkout the zeosdbo_rework (this is the actual Zeos).
After checking out install the components in the following order:

Vincent Snijders:
I did some browsing through the cvs and have some questions/suggestions/remarks.

The zcomponent package has a absolute path to the include files:
<IncludeFiles Value="E:\Programme\Lazarus\components\zeos\src\component\"/>

If I understand the lazarus pacakge system correctly, the zcore, zparsesql, zplain and the zdbc package can be a runtime package only, because they don't install any components. Of course other packages can use it, and it still will be included in the lazarus executable.


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