Would you like to see a Lazarus lite (without GUI editor) version to edit the pascal code?

1 (14.3%)
6 (85.7%)

Total Members Voted: 7

Voting closed: May 01, 2005, 08:32:56 pm

Author Topic: Stripped-down version of IDE  (Read 4028 times)


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Stripped-down version of IDE
« on: May 01, 2005, 08:32:56 pm »

I'm a Pascal programmer since 1998. All I've ever used was craeted by Borland: Turbo Pascal, Delphi, Kylix... But now I'm seriously thinking to switch to FPC. The only two things that are stopping me now are:

1. The lack of interfaces (they are currently broken, but already recognized)
2. The lack of a good, simple fast working IDE.

With the "good, simple fast working IDE" I mean a code editor with a GOOD code completion and project management and integrated debugger. I've already found the Lazarus project and I must say I'm impressed. The only thing that makes me "sick" is the "support" for creating user interface WITHIN the IDE. This is something I've never wanted from a good editor. But on the other hand the CC (code-completion) and integrated debugger support feature is something I simply cannot live without. So are there ANY plans for stripping down the Lazarus (and name it ie. LazarusLite) to provide a GOOD editor for creating GOOD pascal code. I mean, come one: This ain't so hard to stripp it down to this, isn't it? And let's leave the whole GUI part for newbies and begginers and provide us with the tool that is NOT avaible on the entire marked today. I bet it will be the most successfull thing ever done in this area. Additionally it can help evolve the editor in lazarus project to the next level.

Really best regards to you, guys,

Matthias Hryniszak.

PS. I wouldn't be entirely honest if I wouldn't mention here the best editor I've ever seen with my own eyes. The IDEA Java IDE. Take a look at the version 3 which was (in my homble opinion) the best ever made editor ever beating the Microsoft's IDE in the area of code editing.

Vincent Snijders

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Stripped-down version of IDE
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2005, 11:14:52 am »
AFAIK there no plans for such stripped down version.

Also I see only one small advantages of such lazarus version:
Component palette can be hidden.

If you choose a Custom Project or Program project, you can use lazarus as a code editor with debugger and code completion.


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