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TtreeView and images


Hello, When I add some elements to my TTreeView, in design time I can select the image for the element, the image when this element is selected, and the image for state.

But When I add a element in runtime, I can select a image for this element, for example:

--- Quote --- NodeImageIndex:=1

--- End quote ---

But I don't find any property to select for the other images, selected image, state image.

I use Lazarus Svn:26768 in windows XP



First, put some ImageList controls in your form and fill them with

At design time, you can attach the TreeView to an ImageList
for storing node images:
  TreeView1.StateImages :=ImageList1
  TreeView1.Images :=ImageList1
(set this using Object Inspector)

Then, in runtime, you can assign and change node images
changing the index:

--- Code: ---      NewNode:=TreeView1.Items.Add(Nil, Edit1.Text );
      NewNode.ImageIndex :=0;
      NewNode.SelectedIndex :=1;
      NewNode.StateIndex :=2;

--- End code ---

Hope this helps.

-- alejandro.lavarello (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you for the information. It was veru usefull



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