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How can I install Lazarus (Rabid Application Developemt ) Program , For Pascal.
How Can I run it?
When I ran .rpm , it's installed ,then How can I run the Program?
Can you give me Details in how to install and run it?

Thanks all.

Rabid? LOL - its quite tame I assure you!

Open a terminal window and type in:

lazarus &

Thanks for Replay.
But what about [ path ] ?
I need Info. In details.
Thanks :shock:

If it installed properly it would then be in your path so typing lazarus in the terminal window should work.
If u need to rebuild lazarus or use cvs dont forget to become superuser first(su command)

Default installation should be in /usr/share/lazarus.
FPCsrc default should be in /usr/share/fpcsrc


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