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When I change the font color of a TDBLookupComboBox the font shown in the edit box indeed has the new color, but the pulldown list still has its black font color.
Does anyone know how to give the font in the list the same color as shown in the edit box
(or is there another - third party - control that has this ability)?


Doesn't anyone has any ideas????

First of all:

For me it worked with the standard TComboBox with Lazarus 0.9.29 on win32. Maybe you need to update your Lazarus.

I'm using the latest stable version on one computer and yesterdays snapshot 0.9.29 version on another (both running on Windows 7) and in both versions the edit box part of the dblookupcombobox shows the correct font color but the dropdown part shows black font color.
So it's not a matter of upgrading Lazarus.
What operating system does your correct showing combobox run?
Maybe it works on Linux but not on Windows?


Still no one any ideas or suggestions?


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