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THyphenator released
« on: August 14, 2010, 08:06:46 pm »
I am currently working on a somewhat greater Project called yaFOprocessor, which stands for "yet another Formatting Objects processor", a Project which sometimes should be comparable to Apache FOP Project, but implemented completely in Lazarus/FPC and therefore with a notably higher performance (i hope).
The main focus is on providing a high quality FO to PDF system, with special regards to Western European Typography (especially Footnotes etc.).
The first subsystem I have finished is the hyphenation part (and I know it is one of the very smallest parts) but may be some other is interested, so I decided to publish it solely as THyphenator. It is a unit implementing the Knuth/Liang Hyphenation algorithm and can work with the xml hyphenation patterns downloadable under
The unit is for download under
Any bug-reports (i hope not so much)/annotations/suggestions are very welcome.
In the moment I am workin on the Font and PDF Subsystems. If there is anybody out there who likes to join the development, just give a litte note.


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