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Yes, I've installed Lazarus from the rpm (Fedora Core 3, Athlon XP 1800+). When I open it, most menus are in spanish language (since most people only speaks spanish here in Argentina). The problem is that many (too many) options and menus appear as blanks. I mean, you can see that there's an option there... but you just can't see what's the option. I would like to set the IDE interface to english, because I think that way I'll be able the "see" all options and checkboxes texts, but I just don't know how. Any ideas?

Vincent Snijders:
Environment -> Environment Options -> Desktop tab -> Language Combobox: Select English[en].

If you don't recognize these names, because of the Spanish language and the blanks:
3rd menu from the right.
1st submenu
2nd tab
top combobox, 2nd entry.

Geez--- Thanks a lot for the quick answer. I've had a "minor" issue. I just could not pick the 2nd entry, nor the 3rd, nor any entry in a blank mood. So, I picked "Italian", restarted Lazarus, then everything was in the DaVinci language. After that, I went backt to the environment desktop options and there it was, smiling at me "english [en]".

Issue resolved. Thanks a lot.

I had the same problem and i resolved it with
  Environment -> Environment Options -> Desktop tab -> Language Combobox:
                    Select Spanish (UTF8) [esutf]
With this you can see all options and menus in Spahish .


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