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wrong characters in exe


Project options -> Version informations -> Rigths
"Copyrights © 2010"

project1.exe -> RMB (right mouse button) -> Properties -> Version -> Rights
"Copyrights © 2010"

why Lazarus changed "©"  to "©"
and " ąćęłńóś " to " ąćęłńóś "

Looks like a bug. Please report in the bug tracker. Probably the resource file is made using ansi strings and the IDE assigns utf-8 strings for the resource. It should use widestrings for windows nt and ansistrings for older ones.

Is the IDE recomilped under UTF8 or Ansi?


--- Quote from: michaelthuma on August 16, 2010, 02:10:51 pm ---Is the IDE recomilped under UTF8 or Ansi?

--- End quote ---

You can't choose that. Lazarus *only* uses UTF-8. There used to be (or still is?) a define under Windows, but I've never heard of anyone that uses it.


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