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Debugger / Re: Freezing debugger when stepping because of a large object
« Last post by JernejL on Today at 05:28:08 pm »
I suggest we put a warning / notice into debugger log if it takes too much time to get debugger data, it would help a lot to fix these freezing if it happens to other people.
Third party / Re: PicPas, Pascal compiler for Microchip PIC
« Last post by Kays on Today at 05:25:58 pm »
[…] (I have no idea of what is "PIC")
in general programmable integrated circuit; but here the short/colloquial name for PIC μController
Third party / Re: PicPas, Pascal compiler for Microchip PIC
« Last post by Edson on Today at 05:04:47 pm »
PicPas 0.8.6 have now experimental support for Baseline PIC (12 bits instructions)  :). This include to the microcontrollers:

PIC10F200 PIC10F200 PIC10F202 PIC10F204 PIC10F206 PIC10F220 PIC10F222
PIC12F508 PIC12F509 PIC12F510 PIC12F519
PIC16F505 PIC16F506 PIC16F526 PIC16F527 PIC16F54 PIC16F57 PIC16F59

Some functionalities have been disabled because of the limited resources this devices have (Some of they have 16 bytes of RAM)  :o.
Third party / Re: Online Package Manager
« Last post by GetMem on Today at 04:34:18 pm »
I see a bug in tooltips for component ATSynedit_ex. It shows 4 feature lines beginning with - char, while there s only 3 lines. 4th line is error from words 'auto-completion' with - char.
Fixed. Thanks. Please test.

A user of the German Lazarus forum noted that the package cmdline (sources at https://sourceforge.net/p/lazarus-ccr/svn/HEAD/tree/components/cmdline/) does not compile any more. The culprit is the missing unit LazUTF8 in uCmdBox. I corrected the file on CCR. Since this package is distributed also by OPM I am attaching the zip of all files for replacement of the current zip in the OPM repository.
Thanks. I updated the package.

Since I don't want to take care of this abandoned package I do not go the regular way with update-json etc - I hope you can understand.
Sure, no problem.
General / Re: Project raised exception class External:SIGSEGV
« Last post by Mr.Madguy on Today at 04:12:10 pm »
Dunno about Lazarus, but in Delphi you would need to include ShareMem as first unit in both main program and DLL project files and provide BorlndMM.dll with your project. Otherwise you would get access violations for no reason. You could also use FastMM directly. I've heard, that it supports sharing memory manager without some DLLs, but I've also heard, that this feature has some problems, such as being unable to run multiple copies of the same program.

I don't know for sure, but, I guess, Lazarus has different RTL and different memory manager, so there should be some other method of sharing memory manager here.
Beginners / M/M/C queueing model
« Last post by PhilippeGoethals on Today at 03:14:26 pm »

For my internship, i'm trying to quantify the impact of a closure of a lock on the queue length.
I was thinking of using an M/M/c queue model (3-> 2 servers).
So i downloaded lazarus/ OpenSIMPLY. I used the code from the website of OpenSIMPLY (http://opensimply.org/simulation-example-MMC-queue.php). The only thing i changed is the value of mu (service rate: 1,3 ->4 vessels/ hour) and lambda (arrival rate: 1->5/ vessels/ hour). Is this correct or do i have to convert to minutes/seconds instead of hours (e.g. mu = 0.06667 vessels/ minutes)?

Now when i run this model, I still need to insert among other the offered traffic. This is however a value between 0,1 and 2,99 which is too low to be the arrival rate? What is this number exactly?

I have no background in programming. So, i have no idea how to edit the code for my case study.
Could someone please help me?

Many thanks!
@Jonas Maebe
ok, so ppcppc is the standard. Remain the (little)fact that fpc302 (and fpc264, fpc262) get compiled from source as 32 and 64 bit. Probably the make-files specify this, and not from 304.
That is incorrect. The FPC top-level makefile's "make all" target has always only built the same architecture as that of the starting compiler, and the default starting compiler on Mac OS X/PowerPC as shipped by us has always been 32 bit PowerPC (it could become PowerPC64 if you overwrote/override the "fpc" binary with a PowerPC64 version that you compiled yourself, but in that case you would only get a 64 bit version after "make all").
FPC development / Re: PPL = fpc's BPL ?
« Last post by PascalDragon on Today at 03:03:20 pm »
When a dynamic package is loaded using LoadPackages() or unloaded with UnloadPackage() there are various house keeping tasks that the RTL needs to do:
- initialize or uninitialize units as needed
- insert new types into the public type list for correct support in the Rtti unit
- insert new resource strings into the internal resource string list for correct support (plus notification for translation handling units so that they know that something new needs to be translated)
- some other things that I don't have in my sight right now

Additionally the compiler needs to generate meta data for each package so that the RTL can ensure that a loaded package (and its dependencies) is compatible with the running application.

Lazarus itself won't have to deal with that. It simply needs to handle LoadPackage raising an exception if a package is not compatible as the main work is done by the RTL.
Graphics / Offscreen Canvas problem
« Last post by dbots on Today at 03:00:18 pm »
Hi all, I am working on an application written in Lazarus 1.8.2, on Windows platform. I use an IPHTMLPanel where I display an html file that is being generated automatically in runtime and then, since I want to print what is displayed, I copy the IPHTMLPanel's Canvas to a bmp and then on the printer canvas and finally I print it.
The problem is that what is printed is always what is displayed on the screen.
I mean, that if the generated HTML file that is displayed on the IPHTMLPanel exceeds the boundaries of the application form, then the visible part is printed and the other part that is outside the screen is black.
If I use a larger screen and maximize the form then things get better.
How can I overcome this problem and make it not depending of what is visible but also print the non visible part of the canvas ? Please note that I use Copyrect to copy the contents from the IPHTMLPanel on a bitmap and then StretchDraw to display the bitmap on the printer's canvas.
Thank you !
Can anybody help a beginner with the "No debugger support available" problem.
I have installed the gdb debugger. I have installed fpc-3.0.4.x86_64-linux from SourceForge and I see the same "No debugger support available problem" in both Debian and Ubunto installations.
If installing the source files, fpc-3.0.4-1.src.rpm the debugger is working, but then e.g. the Free Pascal RTL Printer Unit is not found.
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