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General / Re: Ubuntu Launcher not using OnShow
« Last post by jamie on Today at 12:57:08 am »

 You need to log the values here each time so when ever the event is triggered you can then
test the last one and act on it.
General / Ubuntu Launcher not using OnShow
« Last post by KarenT on Today at 12:51:24 am »
Ubuntu 16.04, Laz 1.8.2
Hello, I have a program tha requires a password on a timeout after being Minimized to the Launcher.

I have tried using the OnShow and the OnActivate events but they are ignored after the initial start-up.

How can I trap the Maximizing action as clearly the OnShow is not being called?

Thank you.
General / Re: how to hide this in mac os
« Last post by jamie on Today at 12:25:20 am »
That looks like a TstatusBar at the bottom ?

If so

Statusbar.Sizegrip := False;

if not then I don't know?
General / Operator += not working with Tmemo Text property
« Last post by Jurassic Pork on Today at 12:19:16 am »
Ok, Thanks Jamie ! Then i stay with the code :
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. MemConsole.Lines.Text := MemConsole.Lines.Text + str1;
how about writing some COM's ?
General / Re: Operator += not working with Tmemo Text property
« Last post by jamie on Today at 12:08:42 am »
Reading properties involves using functions to fetch the value and then use a function to set it..

 Using the += will fetch it but will only effect the fetched value and not write back the results via the
Setter function of the property..

 I suppose it could be fixed but in the background it would be the same as what you do now with normal

 MemConsoleLines.Text := MemConsole.Lines.Text + strl;

 With this the compiler does the RIGHT side to resolve the value using the getter functions and then
does the LEFT side using the Setter procedure etc..

 So when it comes to properties you need to adhere to the Pascal standard..

 Maybe the DEV boys could simulate the same when properties come into play at some later date.
General / Operator += not working with Tmemo Text property
« Last post by Jurassic Pork on April 19, 2018, 11:56:24 pm »
I have a compiler error ( unit1.pas(114,32) Error: Variable identifier expected ) on the line with MemConsole of this code :
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. var str1,str2: string;
  2. begin
  3.   str1 := 'hello ';
  4.   str2 := 'world';
  5.   str1 += str2;
  6.   MemConsole.Lines.Text += str1;
  7. end;  
MemConsole is a TMemo. Lazarus 1.8.2  Windows 10, option Style Operator C (*=, +=, /= et -=) (-Sc, {$COPERATORS ON}) is checked.
Friendly, J.P
General / Re: how can i show two digit in spinedit?
« Last post by Bart on April 19, 2018, 11:00:54 pm »
As said above, not in a TSpinEdit, since the OS/WidgetSet controls what is displayed there.

Alternatively you can use a TMaskEdit with a proper EditMask (from the top of my head: '99;0;0').
The las 0 in the mask (after the second semicolon) makes all blanks shown as '0'.
Then instead of converting Text to an integer value, use EditText instead (with '00' in the control Tex will an empty string IIRC, whereas EditText wil be '00').

You could also make a control that inherits from TCustomSpinEditEx (LazControls package) and override the method that draws the text in the control to zero-pad with as much zero's as needed.
(You may want to introduce a property that controls the amout of zero-padding.)

Third party / Re: CAD program written in Lazarus / FPC
« Last post by zamtmn on April 19, 2018, 10:59:09 pm »
  Hi all!
  I'm thinking it's time for a little rebranding - separate the project into 2 parts. ZCAD - clean CAD program, without any specificity and ZCADelectro (I have not thought about the name yet) - there will be special functions for electricians. Unfortunately, the compiler does not allow making ZCADelectro a dynamic plugin for ZCAD yet, but as soon as the compiler supports the packages, I'll do it.
  I see that the russian electric specific scares people who interested in the project. Most people think that it is something complex and specific, not a simple CAD program
General / Re: how can i show two digit in spinedit?
« Last post by CM630 on April 19, 2018, 10:53:28 pm »
I am pretty sure that you cannot that with the native TSpinEdit. It seems that no one is happy with it, so there are plenty of spinedits in third-party components.
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