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Beginners / Re: Visual Pascal Community Edition
« Last post by RAW on Today at 08:10:09 pm »
an other library for diagram design is https://github.com/taazz/evssimplegraph

hmmm... nice component... not as good as the colorpicker but very nice...  :) :P
LCL / Re: Bug in procedure Image of the Class TJPFpdf
« Last post by menegaz on Today at 08:06:04 pm »
Okay, I've already modified the code.

Thank you
Editor / AutoSave feature?
« Last post by lainz on Today at 08:05:25 pm »
Hi, I've looked at the options first this time =)

But I can't find an autosave feature. I say like the one used by IntelliJ, so I never need to Ctrl + S again.

And if something bad happens, I always use Git, so there is no problem with that for me.

Any ideas / plugin / script to make this possible?
BGRABitmap and LazPaint / Re: New version of BGRABitmap
« Last post by lainz on Today at 08:03:17 pm »
Well, that depends, I think it depends on the interest of the user.

If you want to know what are the new features and bugfixes, you will check this thread. If not, you will simply update.

I think the same happens with Lazarus, I'm just paying attention to these features / bugs I reported or I want.
BGRABitmap and LazPaint / Re: New version of BGRABitmap
« Last post by circular on Today at 07:58:15 pm »
Of course. So users don't have to check this thread
Beginners / Re: Visual Pascal Community Edition
« Last post by valdir.marcos on Today at 07:38:01 pm »
I'd like to figure out how to make this project in a time of a month.

@Researching, please read my previous links...
Having an UML tool for Free Pascal and Lazarus is being discussed in this forum for more than 10 years and nothing is ready so far...
I also agree that it is important tool, but it is a very complex project demanding a bunch of work for a long time.
You can do it yourself by improving your skills or by paying some people already skilled for, but don't hope people doing it for free for you in a short time frame.

Porting StarUML ???
December 19, 2007
Database / Lazarus SQLQuery BCDField problem with Firebird
« Last post by dogriz on Today at 07:14:52 pm »
When I try to save value 999999999 into Firebird database field - decimal(15,2) from Lazarus application, value -844674408,37 is saved instead.
Used components are IBConnection, SQLQuery and DBEdit.

I made a simple example using employee database - just added one test field:
Code: [Select]
alter table EMPLOYEE add TEST_FIELD decimal(15,2)
Sample application is attached.

Does anyone know why is this happening? Saving the same number (999999999) using isql or FlameRobin works as expected.

BTW, Lazarus 1.8.2/FPC 3.0.4 on Windows 10 64bit + Firebird 3.0.3 64bit.
LCL / Re: Bug in procedure Image of the Class TJPFpdf
« Last post by valdir.marcos on Today at 07:10:39 pm »
It would be very pleasant, if you could edit your post and put your source code in "[ code=pascal] xxx [ /code]" without double quotation marks and spaces.
General / Re: IDE output window shown, put empty
« Last post by Handoko on Today at 06:59:05 pm »
Maybe you can try:
Lazarus main menu > View > Debug Windows > Terminal Output

I'm not a Mac user but that works for me on my Linux computer. But sometimes the Terminal Output does not correctly show the result, I have to test the program on the 'real' Linux terminal.
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