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Third party / Re: ANN: KControls 1.7
« Last post by CM630 on Today at 09:22:37 am »
There is an announcement that http://tkweb.eu/ will be closed next May.
It is also stated that „...
KControls repository path has changed (see updated link above), has been set completely public (including the issue tracker)...

General / Re: I Need Windows PE Parser ?
« Last post by marcov on Today at 09:08:47 am »
Afaik jedi-jcl jcldebug also has some parsing properties?
General / Re: tprocess under linux
« Last post by cappe on Today at 08:51:26 am »
It works. I had made a mistake.
Btw, I have just updated the wiki with 'Let's build a compiler' PDF from your site.  ;)

I didn't do it myself, because my site goes dark october 1st :-)
Preserved on webarchive, and wiki link changed accordingly:

I think the best title for that WIki entry could be "Libraries for compiler, interpreter, parser, or expression analyzer". 
Then you can add information about TFPExpressionParser, and some links about "Make your own compiler".
GOLD, COCO-R and AntLR have their own IDE where for example you can write, test, single step and debug your grammar, find ambiquities, and generate skeleton application code in many programming languages. These are definetly not libraries, so title would not be appropriate. "Tools and libraries for compiler, interpreter, parser, or expression analyzer" came to my mind after that, but it would not justify links in whe wiki which have full tutorials how to make your own compiler. Therefore I am more for original title, which reflect more what is inside the wiki. However this is not carved in stone, and I wouldn't mind if someone changes it. I care more about the content and contributions that would expand it. There are many situations when for a simple forum question you get many wiki links in an answer, and that repeats over and over. I would like to have a single wiki stub for the whole topic, even if it means that current layout should be changed in the future and separate wiki subtopic pages should be made. That way, for question like how to build a compiler, how to build an interpreter, how to build a front end, how to build a back end, what is an AST, what is a BNF grammar, how to parse this and that, how to make an expression analyzer and similar - we just give this single link and user will expand his knowledge from there. I didn't feel like adding links to wikipedia articles about all the terms since that would probably be too much, but other web links (especially when related to FreePascal) should end there.

If the Wiki entry is about "Make your own compiler", shouldn't there be some information about the importance of also knowing Assembly Language?
At least one of the links shows how to write a compiler with assembler generator back end. But that is indirect info. Please add direct info about assembler importance if you feel like it.
General / Re: Compile a very old Pascal Source with FPC
« Last post by tr_escape on Today at 08:00:52 am »
The last news about this software is can be found in that repo maybe someone would like to edit for more graphical (!) usage...
Of course good but now days mostly people  wants to more colorful, powerful, 3dful (minecraft & similar except) , cloud-ful and graphical software.
Yep. But even old code might be easily translated to look fancier.

You can take the source of "Simple chess GUI" and merge it with this code to make a complete Windows-chess program.

The links in the Lazarus Application Gallery are dead but the code in the topic above stil works perfectly with the current Lazarus (just change the target to what you want because it is set to Linux as default).

I download source code it is working after some edit for platform but there is a bug when exiting.
It is usable maybe both project can conbine.
General / Re: I Need Windows PE Parser ?
« Last post by Thaddy on Today at 07:46:10 am »
General / Right To left TreeView ?
« Last post by thehay95 on Today at 07:36:22 am »
dear specialists

this subject was treated on this forum in 2009 but was not implemented at that time

is there in the meantime a implementation for this ?
and,when yes, ..................how do you do that then.

General / Re: Compile a very old Pascal Source with FPC
« Last post by tr_escape on Today at 07:22:59 am »
In windows I tried to GO and PR it is worked.

Code: Text  [Select]
  1. IN
  2.  IN
  4. GO
  5.  GO
  6.    MY MOVE - P-K4.
  7. PR
  8.  PR
  10.  8 rnbqkbnr
  11.  7 pppppppp
  12.  6 --------
  13.  5 --------
  14.  4 ----P---
  15.  3 --------
  16.  2 PPPP-PPP
  17.  1 RNBQKBNR
  18. GO
  19.  GO
  20.    MY MOVE - N-KR3.
  21. PR
  22.  PR
  24.  8 rnbqkb-r
  25.  7 pppppppp
  26.  6 -------n
  27.  5 --------
  28.  4 ----P---
  29.  3 --------
  30.  2 PPPP-PPP
  31.  1 RNBQKBNR
  32. GO
  33.  GO
  34.    MY MOVE - Q-R5.
  35. PR
  36.  PR
  38.  8 rnbqkb-r
  39.  7 pppppppp
  40.  6 -------n
  41.  5 -------Q
  42.  4 ----P---
  43.  3 --------
  44.  2 PPPP-PPP
  45.  1 RNB-KBNR
  46. GO
  47.  GO
  48.  DRAWN.
  49. PR
  50.  PR
  52.  8 rnbqkb-r
  53.  7 pppppppp
  54.  6 -------n
  55.  5 -------Q
  56.  4 ----P---
  57.  3 --------
  58.  2 PPPP-PPP
  59.  1 RNB-KBNR
Linux / Re: GetAppConfigDir....
« Last post by GetMem on Today at 07:21:11 am »
Upload to the cloud.  :D Now seriously working against the system will fire back at some point. Linux is not windows, OSX has its own quirks.
Save the config file to the same directory as your application. State in the document that the application folder must be writable and you're good to go.
Linux / Re: GetAppConfigDir....
« Last post by Mark- on Today at 07:09:39 am »
Right from what I read /tmp is cleared at each reboot. Some sources said different events can clear the /tmp directory.

/var/tmp might be possible. I did not try. The name was not appealing.
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