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General / Re: Cannot find unit file
« Last post by rvk on Today at 11:37:54 am »
Ctrl + Enter still works for me on Lazarus 1.8 (and also in trunk).
Although I always use the third method (iii) Putting the cursor on the filename and pressing Alt + Arrow up.

I use the Alt+Arrow up and Ctrl+Shift+Arrow down a lot for jumping through the source.

Edit: Ah, I see the problem. You HIGHLIGHT the filename. That's not needed. But you are correct. That "was" a bug because in trunk it works again.
General / Progress Bar when Main Form Creation
« Last post by runs on Today at 11:36:31 am »
I want a progress bar (database calcs) when main form is being created.

I've try:

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1.   Screen.Cursor:= crHourglass;
  2.   Application.ShowMainForm:= False;
  3.   //The progress bar to show the database creation or load:
  4.   FrmPrgBar:= TFrmPrgBar.Create(Application);
  5.   FrmPrgBar.ShowOnTop;
  6.   Application.ShowMainForm:= True; //next created Form will be the Main Form
  7.   Application.CreateForm(TFrmMain, FrmMain);
  8.   FrmPrgBar.Close; //Close the progressbar
  9.   Screen.Cursor:= crDefault;
  10.   Application.Run;  

But access violation errors when  I try to access to FrmPrg inside FrmMain:

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. FrmPrgBar.PrgBar.StepIt;

Any suggestion?

General / Re: File missing when running compiled project
« Last post by Ñuño_Martínez on Today at 11:33:29 am »
AFAIK modern MacOS is BSD based, so it is almost POSIX but with some custom changes (you know, it is Apple so it doesn't want to be so compatible ;)).
General / Backup Lazarus IDE Config
« Last post by Xor-el on Today at 11:33:27 am »
Hello all,
Any time I install Lazarus from Trunk using FPCDeluxe, I do customize it using instructions from https://github.com/FlKo/LazarusDockedDesktops but it's stressful repeating this process everytime I reinstall it on another PC.
Does anyone know if it is possible to backup and restore Lazarus IDE Configurations easily?
General / Re: Starting chromium-browser from within a lazarus program
« Last post by rvk on Today at 11:32:19 am »
Hi, adding uses fclHttpClient and then compiling gives an error from sslsockets, saying that it can't find openssl. There is no sign of a package fclweb in the components directory.
It's fpHttpClient.

But if it's not working for you, you seem to have a non standard install (or older Lazarus).
The package for fcl-web is in fpc/packages/fcl-web but as I said, I didn't need to add this.

What version of FPC and Lazarus do you have (Help > About Lazarus).
And how did you install it?

As far as I can see the normal Lazarus 1.8 install doesn't need the fcl-web package as requirement to use TfpHttpClient.
General / Re: Cannot find unit file
« Last post by kjteng on Today at 11:27:25 am »
I guess I have found the toot of my problem ...

In the earlier version, we can
(i) select (highlight) the unit name and then click ''open file at cursor" (or press control enter) to open the file; or
(ii) place the cursor on the unit name (not selecting the whole word) and click open file at cursor.

In version 1.8.0 (Windows platform), only method (ii) will work.  Can any of you confirm this ? 

Thanks & regards.
Other / FPGui Winhandle
« Last post by relocate on Today at 11:14:35 am »
Hi there,

I'm using pure FP with FPGui (no Lazarus) with windows (at the moment).
I want to get the window Handle of the Mainform within my application, but whatever I do, I get 0.

I tried even include windows.pas to use Findwindow to find the own Window, but even then I can only get 0.
Does anyone knows how to get the Mainform Windowshandle.

Furthermore I want to create a window with CreateWindow within this application (therefore I need the handle) because I want to use an extended control.

Greetings relocate
General / Re: Need some Help for RightToLeft TWinControls
« Last post by wp on Today at 11:13:26 am »
No. The changes are a several places and probably depend also on other changes made earlier. The only way to use this is to install the developer version of Lazarus ("trunk"). Use fpcupdeluxe for easiest installation.
General / Re: Need some Help for RightToLeft TWinControls
« Last post by majid.ebru on Today at 11:01:38 am »

how can i use this r57267 file

i download it and replace to "win32callback.inc" .

but i have error
Beginners / Re: Your thoughts on best advice for cross platform graphics
« Last post by Thaddy on Today at 10:34:27 am »
Thks Thaddy  :)  I see
OpenVG is an API designed for hardware-accelerated 2D vector graphics. Its primary platforms are mobile phones, gaming & media consoles and consumer electronic devices. It was designed to help manufacturers create more attractive user interfaces by offloading computationally intensive graphics processing from the CPU onto a GPU to save energy.
Yes, so? <mildly grumpy>
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