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Other / Re: transparent TPanel?
« Last post by taazz on Today at 10:22:24 pm »
Here is a quick and dirty implementation. Its Slow,(really slow but it shows the required steps). I wrote it to test Soner's post for transparency.

oh I just show jc99's "more interesting" solution. Really nice! thanks.
Graphics / Parse svg, resize and draw in cell grid
« Last post by Moneo on Today at 10:15:28 pm »
Hello guys. Im need help in work with vectorial graphic SVG. I'm getting svg code from another site and try draw picture in cell of stringgrid use fpvectorial,synapse and stringgrid. Example SVG in attach. For test i try draw 6226.svg in paintbox, but i'm nothing see. When i'm use test.svg worked perfectly. Lazarus 1.6.4, fpvectorial in folder Lazarus. There is one more question: how can I automate such complex svgs in order to draw them in cells and resize them.

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. fpvectorialpkg, fpvectorial,fpvtocanvas
  2. ...
  4. var
  5. VECDoc:TvVectorialDocument;
  6. VEC:TvVectorialPage;
  7. begin
  8.  paintbox1.Canvas.Clear;
  9.  VECDoc:=TvVectorialDocument.create;
  10.  try
  12.  vecdoc.ReadFromFile('6226.svg');
  14.  DrawFPVectorialtoCAnvas(VecDoc.GetPageAsVectorial(0),Paintbox1.canvas,0,Paintbox1.height-100,1,-1);
  15.  finally
  16.  VecDoc.free;
  17.  end;
Third party / Re: PicPas, Pascal compiler for Microchip PIC
« Last post by jc99 on Today at 10:09:45 pm »
Hi Edson,
you have quiete a program here,
but have you ever tried i18n ?
or at least put the Language specific code in separate (language specific folders) from where you include the parts for your prog.
This makes the handling and translating to other language much more easy.
If you like, I just do a German translation.
FormPrincipal line 570ff would be:
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1.  'de': begin
  2.       //menú principal
  3.       mnFile.Caption:='&Datei';
  4.       mnEdit.Caption:='&Bearbeiten';
  5.       mnFind.Caption:='&Suchen';
  6.       mnView.Caption:='&Ansicht';
  7.       mnTools.Caption:='&Werkzeuge';
  9.       acArcNuevo.Caption := '&Neu';
  10.       acArcNuevo.Hint := 'Neue Datei';
  11.       acArcAbrir.Caption := '&Öffnen...';
  12.       acArcAbrir.Hint := 'Datei öffnen';
  13.       acArcGuardar.Caption := '&Speichern';
  14.       acArcGuardar.Hint := 'Datei speichern';
  15.       acArcGuaCom.Caption := 'Speichern &unter ...';
  16.       acArcGuaCom.Hint := 'Datei mit unter neuem Namen speichern ...';
  17.       acArcSalir.Caption := '&Beenden';
  18.       acArcSalir.Hint := 'Programm beenden';
  20.       acEdUndo.Caption := '&Zurück';
  21.       acEdUndo.Hint := 'Änderung zurücknehmen';
  22.       acEdRedo.Caption := '&Wiederholen';
  23.       acEdRedo.Hint := 'Änderung wiederholen';
  24.       acEdCut.Caption := 'A&usschneiden';
  25.       acEdCut.Hint := 'Ausschneiden';
  26.       acEdCopy.Caption := '&Kopieren';
  27.       acEdCopy.Hint := 'Kopieren';
  28.       acEdPaste.Caption := '&Einfügen';
  29.       acEdPaste.Hint := 'Einfügen';
  30.       acEdSelecAll.Caption := 'Alles &Auswählen';
  31.       acEdSelecAll.Hint := 'Alles auswählen';
  32.       acEdModCol.Caption := 'Block-Modus';
  33.       acEdModCol.Hint := 'Blockmode';
  35.       acBusBuscar.Caption := 'Suchen...';
  36.       acBusBuscar.Hint := 'Text suchen';
  37.       acBusBusSig.Caption := 'Weitersuche&n';
  38.       acBusBusSig.Hint := 'Nächste Stelle suchen';
  39.       acBusReemp.Caption := '&Ersetzen...';
  40.       acBusReemp.Hint := 'Text ersetzen';
  42.       acViewMsgPan.Caption:='&Nachrichten Panel';
  43.       acViewMsgPan.Hint:='Nachrichten Panel zeigen oder verbergen';
  44.       acViewStatbar.Caption:='&Statuszeile';
  45.       acViewStatbar.Hint:='Statuszeile zeigen oder verbergen';
  46.       acViewToolbar.Caption:='&Werkzeugleiste';
  47.       acViewToolbar.Hint:='Werkzeugleiste zeigen oder verbergen';
  49.       acToolCompil.Caption:='&Compilieren';
  50.       acToolCompil.Hint:='Compiliere den Quelltext';
  51.       acToolComEjec.Caption:='Compilieren und Au&sführen';
  52.       acToolComEjec.Hint:='Compilieren und Ausführen';
  53.       acToolPICExpl.Caption:='PIC E&xplorer';
  54.       acToolPICExpl.Hint:='Öffne den PIC Geräte explorer';
  55.       acToolCodExp.Caption:='&Quelltext-Explorer';
  56.       acToolCodExp.Hint:='Öffne den Quelltext-Explorer';
  57.       acToolConfig.Caption := '&Einstellungen';
  58.       acToolConfig.Hint := 'Einstellungs-Dialog';
  59.     end;                                                  
General / Support for x86-64 extensions in ASM
« Last post by ncs-sniper on Today at 09:23:21 pm »
Hi all!
Simple question - is there a listing (or a way to obtain one) of all supported instructions or whole extensions in the integrated assembler?
I know I can call FPC with command-line parameter -i, but that does not list the individual extensions (eg. BMI1, BMI2, FMA, AESNI, ...), only instruction sets - I have no idea what they encompass.
For now, my only option is to simply try instruction I want to use and see whether FPC will take it or not, which is kind of meh.
General / Re: Why no access to address of Label.Caption?
« Last post by SkyKhan on Today at 09:17:24 pm »
If you really need to do this, see below but you should know this is much more slower than normal function call.

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. uses
  2.   typInfo;
  4. type
  5.   TCaptionFunc = function:string of object;
  7. procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  8. var
  9.   info : PPropInfo;
  10.   captionGetter : TMethod;
  11. begin
  12.   info:=getPropInfo(self,'caption');
  13.   if Assigned(info) then
  14.   begin
  15.      captionGetter.Code:=info^.GetProc;
  16.      captionGetter.Data:=self;
  17.      ShowMessage('My caption is '+TCaptionFunc(captionGetter)());
  18.   end;
  19. end;
LCL / Re: Windows without titlebar but with icons
« Last post by jc99 on Today at 08:44:18 pm »
If you also want to move the Window it's slightly more complicated:
BTW: You could use the patch of LMDI to see something like that, you only need to exchange the bitmaps...
Other / Re: transparent TPanel?
« Last post by jc99 on Today at 08:30:07 pm »
Two Screenshots:
With the checkbox you switch the panel on and off.
TPlaysound isn't a very clever component
I fully disagree. It is very clever instead because it looks for what's is already there instead of loading tons of dependencies into the component or program.
Thank you for the complement @wp.  Coming from you, it has weight.  It's true that I looked at native libraries and thought - why; when all I need to do is play a Windows WAV file in Linux?

I have always been a 'boots and braces' programmer - looking for solutions that are simple rather than 'clever'.

My submitted components are not clever, but at least I contribute without ego and hope for/expect improvements from more clever programmers. (and always younger - bah!)

I wish there was more collaboration among the Lazarus community to improve open source code and components.  I remember working with (the late) @bigchimp on Health Monitor and LazAutoUpdate and learning a lot about FireBird integration and threading code.

In the absence of a public Lazarus repository, I often copy/paste forum code into text-files which I can re-use.  I'm sure other folk do it also.

More public collaboration and code-sharing would benefit us all.  I made a new category in the wiki called 'code snippets' for this purpose.

There are perceived issues with 'ownership' of open-source code which I think is often ridiculous.

To me - a liberal license says: "improve me please!"

I'll be honest - all my submitted components need improvement.  Anyone up for it?

I will always give copious credit in source code.  I am retired and in no need of a CV - so feel free!
Third party / Re: PicPas, Pascal compiler for Microchip PIC
« Last post by majid.ebru on Today at 08:20:31 pm »
thank you :) :D ;D
Other / Re: transparent TPanel?
« Last post by majid.ebru on Today at 08:19:59 pm »
thank you
 :) ;) :D ;D
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