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If You not only wrap C function calls  but have a more complex object,
Create, Init, AfterConstruction, ... BeforeDestruction, Destroy ..

Probably You access properties that are not ready, in Lazarus' LCL ?
LCL internally is different from VCL ..  :(
Free Pascal / Re: Pas2JS missing language features ?
« Last post by SymbolicFrank on Today at 01:52:38 pm »
What would an anonymous function (method?) allow that cannot be done with a procedural type?
General / Re: Segfault at the very end of the program
« Last post by TCH on Today at 01:47:26 pm »
<Sigh> show us your latest code... Preferably condensed to a bare minimum.
We will solve it in minutes, not hours. You are really stubborn: you made a mistake, we can only point it out if you show real code...
I cannot show the entire code. I could show parts, but which part i should show? I have no idea where is the problem.
Which widgetset (gtk2, qt4, qt5) you are using? Have you tried to change it?
Under Linux/FreeBSD, it's GTK2. Under OSX (PowerPC and x86) i use the OS' widgetset (Cocoa, i think.). The crash occurs everywhere. It's not the widgetset.
General / Upload to YouTube app
« Last post by Igor Kokarev on Today at 01:41:07 pm »

Can you advice, how to write an app to upload video to YouTube with Google authorization - a window which appears to ask your's login and password.
Hi PeterX,

{$MODE DELPHI} or {$mode objfpc}{$H+}  ?

Tried both already. No change in results.
{$MODE DELPHI} or {$mode objfpc}{$H+}  ?
Hello all,

I'm working on porting an application from Delphi to Lazarus, and that involves porting a few custom components I wrote as well.

One of those components is giving me a major headache. It's a component that wraps around a set of C-implemented functions from a vendor DLL which allow for communications between systems (probably not familiar to most, it's called HDX from Avaya). The details shouldn't be important: it's a set of functions which I've declared as

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. cdecl; external "dll_name.dll";

and they get structured together by the component, so when I invoke the component's method "Inicializa" a sequence of functions is called to connect to a server and set up a listening channel which then receives connections.

Well, that all works flawlessly when compiled on Delphi. Lazarus compiles it fine as well, but when I run a Lazarus program using the component I get an External: ? error (not on the first DLL function, but on the second!).

I can't control this exception even through a try..except block. I tried using the component from the pallette, creating it dynamically - no difference.

I'm using Lazarus 1.8 with FPC 3.0.4.

I tried using different $PACKRECORDS, $PACKENUM and $OPTIMIZATION settings, to no avail.

Could anyone help me?

General / Re: Segfault at the very end of the program
« Last post by Lutz Mändle on Today at 12:18:01 pm »
Which widgetset (gtk2, qt4, qt5) you are using? Have you tried to change it?
General / Re: Tlvlgraphcontrol save on bitmap
« Last post by xinyiman on Today at 12:09:31 pm »
no suggestion?
DLL's don't work like the main process, they don't receive all those fancy messages..

 you can use the "ScaleBy" manually

Do they REALLY not receive those messages ?

Or can I catch them manually from the MessageLoop anyhow ?
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