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Hello WayneSherman, thank you so much for your detailed and valuable help.

I could run fpcupdeluxe for both steps without any problems and without any errors. You gave me exactly the informations which I needed as a beginner to be successful. You are a great teacher.

Compiling 64-bit works. Cross-compiling 32-bit gives me this error:

Code: [Select]
Compile Project, CPU: i386, Target: project2: Exit code 256, Errors: 1
/opt/lazarus_184/cross/lib/i386-linux//libresolv.so.2: undefined reference to `__res_maybe_init@GLIBC_PRIVATE'
/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu//libgio-2.0.so.0: undefined reference to `g_build_filename_valist'
project2.lpr(20,1) Error: Error while linking

But I must stop for tonight, will conntinue tomorrow trying to understand/solve this error, if I can. Will report then my result. Thank you very much again.
General / Error running the program after changing form name
« Last post by jshah on Today at 10:20:12 pm »
Program is compiling but not running

This problem started after rename of few forms

Form resource TFormMain not found. For resourceless forms CreateNew constructor must be used. See the global variable RequireDerivedFormResource.

General / Re: find my location with delphi
« Last post by rvk on Today at 10:05:08 pm »
Location based on what? Do you have a gps in your computer?

Otherwise you could query the website https://mylocation.org and extract the location data but it might not be accurate. It uses your ip address so if you use a vpn it's also not correct.

More accurate would be to use wifi data (if you have wifi) which Google collected (like Android uses location without gps) but I'm not sure that data is publicly available.

For example https://mycurrentlocation.net will use the location services from the browser (it will prompt for permission) and is much more accurate.
In trunk - trunk there's a problem with BGRAControls, missing unit 'math'. I've fixed it in github.

Cross compiling from Windows 32 to Linux 64 gives me this:

Compile package BGRABitmapPack 9.9: Exit code 1, Errors: 7, Warnings: 5
bgragtkbitmap.pas(72,26) Error: Identifier not found "TGtk2DeviceContext"
bgragtkbitmap.pas(72,44) Error: Error in type definition
bgragtkbitmap.pas(124,36) Warning: unreachable code
bgragtkbitmap.pas(129,5) Error: Illegal type conversion: "HDC" to "TGtkDeviceContext"
bgragtkbitmap.pas(130,5) Error: Illegal type conversion: "HDC" to "TGtkDeviceContext"
bgragtkbitmap.pas(135,36) Warning: unreachable code
bgragtkbitmap.pas(310,38) Warning: unreachable code
bgragtkbitmap.pas(311,27) Error: Illegal type conversion: "HDC" to "TGtkDeviceContext"
bgragtkbitmap.pas(312,7) Error: Illegal type conversion: "HDC" to "TGtkDeviceContext"
bgragtkbitmap.pas(315,38) Warning: unreachable code
bgragtkbitmap.pas(353,5) Error: Illegal type conversion: "HDC" to "TGtkDeviceContext"
bgragtkbitmap.pas(355,36) Warning: unreachable code
Compile package IDEIntf 1.0: Aborted
Codetools, Errors: 1
bgragtkbitmap.pas(72,26) Error: identifier not found: TGtk2DeviceContext

Edit: I've seen there is a bug report about this, and it was solved removing the ifdef with everything inside, but anyways I don't have that change locally even if I'm using the dev branch.
Edit2: The fix is in the master branch, not in the dev branch...
Mac OS X / Re: Freepascal and SDL on 10.13
« Last post by ChrisR on Today at 09:48:37 pm »
I have never used SDL, but you may want to look at
This is a popular project, and if you press on the green Travis button you will see that it does compile to MacOS. The compiler switches in the Travis compiler log may give you hints...
Jobs / Re: Dutch OSS Project looking for developers!
« Last post by Hansvb on Today at 09:41:45 pm »

I got it now.

To compile it i needed to install 2 packages. laz_synapse and expandpanel. I found them on:

I set the target Os to win64 and i compiles but does  not run. Perhaps it must run on win32. Everything else seems to be working.
There are a lot of warnings when you compile it.
General / Re: Hashes
« Last post by Xor-el on Today at 09:16:54 pm »
I would still like tth and aich, but don't know if they are exotica.  If so, then forget it.

By the way, the wiki says that there is one called Streebog which I don't see in the Cripto. list.  And there is a Keccak which I didn't see on the wiki.  Keccak = Streebog?

Edit:  I think I see now.  Streebog =  (GOST3411_2012_256, GOST3411_2012_512).

Yes, streebog is GOST3411_2012_256, GOST3411_2012_512).
Keccak is in the sha3 unit.
You can access it via the HashFactory class like this

THashFactory.TCrypto.CreateKeccak_224 for Keccak_224

The unit tests contains these and more examples, just take some time and go through it.
Third party / Re: ATSynEdit
« Last post by Alextp on Today at 09:15:15 pm »

Reworked caret shapes. Now shapes are public props

Deleted props:

and - caret has props: Width, Height. In pixels or percents.
and - caret height can be >  100%. e.g 200% will paint over upper/lower lines by 50%.

Picture with caret height 300%.
Hi, I'm updating all my setups to see what happens.

Maybe the problem comes with BGRAControls, when added the material design package into it.
SynEdit / Re: "vintage" BASIC highlighter
« Last post by Ladywasky on Today at 08:59:55 pm »
It's because highlighter is selected according with the file extension. I guess.  Anyway it's justa a sample for using SynFacilUtils.

SynFacilUtils is not as complete or documented as SynFacilSyn. The aim is to facilitate the creation of IDE. But I've stopped developing it since I'm planning to replace (or change drastically) with another library with support for mutiple edition windows.
No problem, I can go with it. It does the job : it permits to test quickly your library.
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