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LCL / Re: How to remove bookmarks with Lazarus' Synedit
« Last post by M.A.R.C. on Today at 07:33:18 am »
Hi, how to make this programmatically, I'm trying:
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1.   Editor.Keystrokes.Items[Editor.Keystrokes.FindCommand(ecSetMarker1)].Command:=ecToggleMarker1;
But there are no changes in the behavior of Ctrl-Shift-1

Thank you.


You have to go to the Object Inspector, and select "SynEdit1>KeyStrokes", then change the Shortcut number 64, 65, 66, ..
They are set to ecSetMarker0, ecSetMarker1, ...
You should change them to ecToggleMarker0, ecToggleMarker1, ...


I have found that when using the BookMark Shortcuts (enabled by default) with no assigning a ImageList to: "SynEdit1.BookMarkOptions.BookmarkImages", the SynEdit, crashes. At least in my system. Is that normal?
General / Re: An advice - um conselho
« Last post by Thaddy on Today at 06:58:30 am »
Although it has been eight years of my effort, I do not mind opening the code, but due to the impossibility of absolute protection, I fear that knowledge about the code will be a map to circumvent the mechanisms that would theoretically reduce the attack surface. So the big question is: release the code would increase or decrease the safety of my component?

Please convince me of something because I am very hesitant.
IOW: such schemes are not really a good idea on their own. Real protection comes through legal means, like copyrights and  patents.
It protects only against the most simple minded naughty boys and girls, not against professionals. After all: if code can be executed its codepath *must* be known.
In practice there is no such thing as "theoretically reduce the attack surface". The theory - computer science - says the opposite: it is impossible to achieve.
The attack surface is not reduced.
The population that can attack may be slightly reduced for lack of knowledge or capablities but the attack surface itself is the same.
That also goes for e.g. using dongles. If one is available, you can reverse engineer it. Again: the codepath *must* be known otherwise your software doesn't work.
And that is not only the only correct theory, it is a fact....

See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerckhoffs%27s_principle
Renat.Su, just a heads up.

 I found TrayIcon leaked memory on both Carbon and Cocoa when I tried to use it some months ago. Might be a bit hard to detect if you are running a cross compiled binary so be careful.

Mac OS X / Re: Debugger error High Sierra
« Last post by dbannon on Today at 05:55:21 am »
Good catch Jonas
I have quoted you on http://wiki.freepascal.org/Installing_Lazarus_on_MacOS_X


The very first thing I ever did on a Mac was install Lazarus, I used this page -
and afterwards made some substantial changes to the page to try and get things in order.

I made the point right at the top of the page that its a FIVE step process. You MUST do each step, you must do them in the order presented !

Step Two is get the command line tools. I made it a separate step 'cos people seemed to like skipping ....

Step Four is about the actual FPC and Lazarus. There is a link there, click it, then two clicks to the DMG files. Again, the instructions tell you to install in a particular order. For some reason, people don't ....

And Step Five, please note you must press Enter at the end of the line of text you have pasted in. And you can paste into it now.

Been some months since it all worked for me, lots of Apple updates, please consider updating those five steps !

Yep, I agree there is a lot of old stuff on the wiki, I was very reluctant to remove it so, on that page, I pushed it down below a heading "Legacy Information".

I consider searching for things on the Wiki a real problem. Most new arrivals, like me, wonder what on earth all that out of date stuff is there for. But we are not brave enough to discard it !


ok, so the problem is with Handles used (within LCL internally).
LCLCocoa is acting pretty carelessly in this case, yet I'd anticipate that the issue might be with the code itself.

The question: how do you assign PopupMenu property for TTrayIcon control?
Sorry for digging this old post...but the same problem shows up again in "fpc-3.0.4.i386-win32.cross.android.exe"...(Lazarus 1.8.2)

Now the Android NDK version I am using is r11c, but the shared object compiled with 3.0.4 doesn't work, just crash. (The same code with 3.0.2 works fine)

The only old thing is that I am still using android API10 and 2.3.3 emulator because I have to make sure my program can run on those old devices.

Could somebody do the test and give me some hint?

Thank you very much!

BGRABitmap and LazPaint / Re: Material Design
« Last post by lainz on Today at 03:58:40 am »
* Added a demo on how to use the Tab kind of button. Using a regular TPageControl and hiding the native tabs, you can easily switch them with a material design ones! Is not a component (yet) but maybe in future. You can place tabs at left, top, right and bottom with a simple code.
* Added global variable to switch easily all animations on and off.
* Improved used colors for animated / non animated buttons, now these match.
* Added AutoSize.
Other / Lack of SSL on wiki?
« Last post by tvleavitt on Today at 03:58:16 am »
This forum, for obvious reasons related to the security of folks logging in, uses SSL.

The Wiki does not, even for the login and registration links. Why not? SSL certificates are cheap to free (and obviously in use here).
Android / Re: LAMW: Android 7.1.2
« Last post by jmpessoa on Today at 03:56:42 am »
Hi c4p,

jListView1.Items.SaveToFile(''...") is a FPC question...

What about:

 jListView1.Items.SaveToFile('text1.txt')  ???

This should save to Internal app storage... Can you test?

Ok, I will try  implement  a [android]  "jListView1.SaveToFlie" ...


Done!!!  You can try:




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