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General / Re: how to break out early of a case ?
« Last post by Thaddy on Today at 10:00:28 pm »
< >:D >:D> I still think he means the break in the case of a C case. Which I already answered...
General / Re: Conversion from Delphi
« Last post by Thaddy on Today at 09:56:33 pm »
Coming from Delphi 5 an oldie LOL I said legacy LOL.
I need to get the program to play nice with later Win versions than Win 2000 and add some much needed enhancements.
Any thoughts on what version of windows to load Lazarus?
Simply recompile the delphi 5 code in {$mode delphi} unless you used third party components.
Also, the Lazarus project converter does a good job. Try that first. Again, unless you used third party components.
If you are stuck and do not use third party components I can fix it in minutes if you attach the sourcecode. Maybe plus two hours for database connectivity.
Lazarus code runs great on any windows post XP.
General / Re: how to break out early of a case ?
« Last post by ASBzone on Today at 09:43:51 pm »
Allowing "break" in a case statement would be a nice addition to the language and, best of all, it isn't hard to implement.  May be a feature the developers might be willing to consider.

What did you think of using Repeat/Until in place of Begin/End, which would facilitate Break?
FPC development / Re: change fonts going to printer
« Last post by DesJardins on Today at 09:37:09 pm »
If I use the Format function it allows me to use the "-" sign to align left, but then it does not seem to allow me to set the cell width.  I would prefer to align the text to the left and the numbers to the right because it reads better.  I still think the key would be to change the font to a monospaced font (like Courier New), then I can set the width in characters.  With proportional spacing this doesn't work.  Is there a way to set the spacing in pixels?  Can I use the Laz fonts with FPC?  If so, how do I do that?

What do you mean by setting a coordinate?  How do I set the coordinates across several cells in a line at print time?  I guess I could do this for each cell (each cell has a name, like C6 for row and column), with a bunch of code, but somehow I don't think that should be necessary.
General / Re: Mini CriptoCoin development step by step.
« Last post by torbente on Today at 09:31:53 pm »
We just found a critical error building blocks; a hacker can duplicate a single transaction in the same block. We found it after several tests.
We will fix that now. So, take into consideration that versions < 0.180814 are not safe.
General / Re: FileExists doesn't always work in Windows
« Last post by ASBzone on Today at 09:29:07 pm »
Under windows, just like with unix, find works depending on rights.

Yes and no.

In general, this is a true statement, but the problem manifested here is not one of rights.

As shown from the earlier examples, If Exists fails in some scenarios where FindFirst and FindAllFiles are successful.  Same machine, same user credentials, same user context.

General / Multiple file properties and Drag and Drop
« Last post by HomeBoy38 on Today at 09:19:55 pm »

I am porting a Delphi app to Lazarus and I face 2 issues.

- DoDragDrop(DataObject, Self as IDropSource, DROPEFFECT_COPY, Effect);
(code used from https://www.swissdelphicenter.ch/en/showcode.php?id=2335)

This cause my application to crash as soon as I start the D&D operation.

- SHMultiFileProperties(Data, 0);
(code used from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4291950/how-to-show-properties-dialog-for-multiple-files-with-different-locations)

The files properties opened are not correct, it seems to count My Documents folder as many times as the number of files selected.

I tried a lot more codes but they do not compile...

I am not a big dev guy, I am only doing simple applications :) so all help is appreciated (even if I may not understand it)!

FPC 3.0.4's IDE has the debugger internally, as a static library

If you get that message, the release was prepared without including the debugger.

So which release should linux users download? I've never been able to get the debugger to work in the text ide, even when downloading the binary packages (not using deb or rpm).
General / Re: What the hell! Lazarus slow start!
« Last post by Martin_fr on Today at 08:57:35 pm »
1 minute 50 seconds was with an empty project! I don' know. Everthing seems freezed.

Does the message window say anything about building packages, such as LCL?
This could be if something went wrong, and the IDE thinks you changed options for packages, or if timestamps on disk got messed up.

You can check (before pressing build or run) under menu: View > Ide Internals > What needs building.

2) When you press run, the following step are usually performed:

2a) Compiling of your project
2b) Linking (this is shown in the messages window)
2c) starting GDB, and getting it to run your app

2b can get really slow, if you have not enough memory.
  This is especially true, if you use smart linking.

2c can be measured, if you first "build" without running, and then "run" the project.

If you also use FPC trunk:

IIRC there recently where reports about problems building lots op packages. (I think on the mail list). I don't know what caused the error, but maybe it is related.
It may be worth testing with 3.0.4 (and/or up/downgrade the svn version of fpc)
General / Re: Conversion from Delphi
« Last post by Handoko on Today at 08:42:08 pm »
Have Win 7 and XP and rather not get involved in Vista given a choice.
Finished software needs to install clean and run well on XP to 10.

AFAIK, most XP OSes are 32-bit and most Win7 are 64-bit. So if you're developing using Win7 but target to WinXP you need to make sure you configure the settings properly:
Lazarus main menu > Project > Project Options > Compiler Options > Config and Target > set Target OS (-T) to Win32 and Target CPU family (-P) to i386
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