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I tested on Lazarus 1.8.0RC5 Linux 64 Gtk2 and yes it is a bug in TMemo.SelText := something.

I checked into the source code (WSStdCtrl.pas) and I found this code seems not correct:
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. class procedure TWSCustomEdit.SetSelText(const ACustomEdit: TCustomEdit;
  2.   const NewSelText: string);
  3. var
  4.   OldText, NewText: string;
  5.   OldPos: Integer;
  6. begin
  7.   OldPos := ACustomEdit.SelStart;
  8.   OldText := ACustomEdit.Text;
  9.   NewText := UTF8Copy(OldText, 1, OldPos) +
  10.              NewSelText +
  11.              UTF8Copy(OldText, OldPos + ACustomEdit.SelLength + 1, MaxInt);
  12.   ACustomEdit.Text := NewText;
  13.   ACustomEdit.SelStart := OldPos + UTF8Length(NewSelText);
  14. end;
The SelStart on line #7 does not give the correct value.

Do you already have account in the bug report forum? If not, you can create an account there and submit report this bug. Or if you want, I can help you submit this bug too.
Packages and Libraries / Re: XMPP options for free pascal/ lazarus
« Last post by BitBitter on Today at 03:53:26 am »

I looked at the xmpp from github.  It compiles with FPC and there are few minor issues you can over come after the learning curve.  Greatest problems are experience in SSL and depending on the OS you are using.  Otherwise the code works. 
Hi wp,

Ah ok, I thought that was to the Actions.

CellProtection is not yet released, you must switch to fpspreadsheet trunk to get it (use svn to download from https://svn.code.sf.net/p/lazarus-ccr/svn/fpspreadsheet, or download the snapshot of the entire ccr - use button "Download snapshot" - and delete everything except fpspreadsheet).

I've gone back to your link to the Trunk but all I get is 404 error.

General / Where is GetCellRangeString
« Last post by daveinhull on Today at 03:28:18 am »

I've been working through the FPSpreadsheet notes and examples and while looking t the merge features came across GetCellRangeString, but I can't see where it is declared?

Also, I'm still struggling to find the actual location (in my installation) where the FPSpreadsheet help files are stored - I can't even find a folder called FPSpreadsheet.

Any help appreciated

LCL / Re: Font bundling or fallback
« Last post by josh on Today at 02:51:24 am »
If your using windows, I tend to use innosetup to accomplish this.
using innosetup
Code: [Select]
#define MyLocation "C:\Folder to ompiled application on your machine\"
nb note the folder is with quotation marks and finishes with a \ 
ie "c:\my_projects\my_super_app\"
Then in the [files] section
Code: [Select]
Source: "{#MyLocation}xxxxxxxxx.TTF"; DestDir: "{fonts}"; FontInstall: "FONT NAME"; Flags: onlyifdoesntexist uninsneveruninstall
ie Source: "{#MyLocation}Gill Sans MT.TTF"; DestDir: "{fonts}"; FontInstall: "Gill Sans MT"; Flags: onlyifdoesntexist uninsneveruninstall

Innosetup can do much more than this, you can create it so that it detects if your using x64 or x32 and then install the correct version of your application, with then the correct bitness of any dll's

if your targeting OSX then the fonts can be placed in your package file and will not be installed, to the system but will be available to the application in the bundle.

Obviously, make sure that you have the rights to distribute the font you are using.
The following code also has the same problem:

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  2. var
  3.   i: Integer;
  4. begin
  5.   Memo1.Text := 'abcdefg';
  6.   for i := 1 to 5 do begin
  7.     Memo1.SelStart := 1;
  8.     Memo1.SelLength := 2;
  9.     Memo1.SelText := 'a';
  10.   end;
  11. end;

The result should be ‘aa', which is correct in Windows, but it is 'abcdefgaaaaa' in Linux.
BGRABitmap and LazPaint / Re: BGRA Controls v4.3.2
« Last post by josh on Today at 02:37:02 am »
unfortunatley I do not get much spare time to check forum for updates.
i assume this issue is still pending?
General / Re: Lazarus_trunk: problems with a draw
« Last post by jamie on Today at 01:02:00 am »
With panel2 try setting the left anchor to Panel1 and set your space on the left side to 10 too.

Remove the right anchor of Panel1 that is trying to anchor to Panel2.

 It maybe that the default position of Panel2 is more to the right in windows and in Linux it is
closer to panel1. This could be some issue with scaling etc.

 I've always tried to anchor going left to right, so that each control has it's LEFT anchor set to the previous
control. The last control to the right can then anchor itself to the form or in your case the tabsheet.
General / Re: Lazarus_trunk: problems with a draw
« Last post by zoltanleo on Today at 12:24:27 am »
project archive
General / Re: Lazarus_trunk: problems with a draw
« Last post by zoltanleo on Today at 12:23:46 am »
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