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I'm trying o emulate the display of stats that FlameRobin has when executing a SELECT SQL statement. Included in those stats is the PLAN that Firebird is using when it executes the SQL.
I'm currently using the components:

TIBXScript -> TIBDataSet -> TDataSource -> TDBGrid

Platform: Microsoft Windows Server Essentials 2016, Lazarus 1.8.2, FPC 3.0.4, IBX 2.3.0 (2018-Apr-16)

I can get all the other stats, (reads, writes, etc.) it's just that I don't know how to get the PLAN.  Thanks in advance.

The TIBSQL.Plan property is available. It doesn't handle exec stored procedure statements currently. It does handle SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.
General / Re: Import excel to dbgird
« Last post by Michael Collier on Today at 05:56:42 pm »
Hi, I downloaded the attached demo project to get the phone_book.xlsx file

I tried opening it via ADO but my jet driver cant handle *.xlsx but can handle *.xls so I converted it and opened it in a data browser written in Delphi using TDBGrid, see screen shot.

Maybe this could be an option if you get stuck..not sure, haven't done anything with excel in a long time, all the best, Mike..
General / Re: Umlaut UTF-8 Question
« Last post by totya on Today at 05:40:09 pm »
Beginners / Visual Pascal Community Edition
« Last post by Researching on Today at 05:38:46 pm »
Good day to evreyone!
Want to make a kind of visual coding tool for FPC:
Input: TextFiles with/without text
Inside: Diagram
Output: TextFiles in folders. with/without text.

Need Help With: get appropriate libraries/components, knowledge of visual programming with Lazarus.

    set language buildBlocks (syntaxis elements)
    make function/procedure calls visually ( set type aka value / pointer, type of return)
    make decomposition of blocks
    design packages
Milestone1 - program makes cmd/shell line applications and saves ad Lazarus project.
In future: up to: set target platform(s), round trip.

Why: there are good tools alowing to make separate functions or classes for FPC, but if it goes to a larger project - nothing.
UML... not bad... but not "all-purpose".

What is needed:
    Library for drawing block shapes like flowchart - and knowledge how to make it work.
    Library (?) for deploying blockShapes to TextFiles
    Knowledge of Lazarus basics like source file structure, libraries linking.
    Knowledge / libraries to make a parser for code-to visual.

Please, any help, as I'm a newbie to Lazarus.
BGRABitmap and LazPaint / Re: New version of BGRABitmap
« Last post by lainz on Today at 05:38:01 pm »
Ok. I've posted a message on OPM thread.


I am not sure how I can notify lazarus-ide.org about the new version of the package?

And is not necessary, because it uses the same data as OPM, so if it's updated in one place, it's updated in the other.
Third party / Re: Online Package Manager
« Last post by GetMem on Today at 05:36:56 pm »

Thank you. I updated BGRABitmaps in the central repository. You can create an update json if you like, this way OPM will notify the users when a new version is available. The steps are described here: http://wiki.freepascal.org/Online_Package_Manager#Create_JSON_for_updates . Alternatively you can leave a message here, whenever a new stable version is available.
General / Re: Import excel to dbgird
« Last post by rvk on Today at 05:24:43 pm »
I use Firebird 2.5,  Database Zeos. Im enclosing program and gdb database and excel file which should be imported into the database
First of all, like I said before... You can't read real Excel files like text files.
They look like the image below as text.

You first need to convert that to CSV. You could do that in Excel itself (Save as) or use fpspreadsheet.
(There is even a complete spreadsheet-program example included)
BGRABitmap and LazPaint / Re: New version of BGRABitmap
« Last post by circular on Today at 05:17:26 pm »
Ok. I've posted a message on OPM thread.

I am not sure how I can notify lazarus-ide.org about the new version of the package?
Third party / Re: Online Package Manager
« Last post by circular on Today at 05:15:20 pm »

Hi, just released a new version of BGRABitmap 9.6.2:
I suggest another approach which works with recursive functions/procedures:
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. procedure CallingProc;
  2. var
  3.   strList: TStringList;
  4. begin
  5. strList := TStringList.Create;
  6. CalledProc(strList);
  7. ....
  8. strList.Free;
  9. end;
  11. Procedure CalledProc(strList: TStringList);
  12. begin
  13.   strList.Add('A string');
  14.   if cond = OK then CalledProc(strList);
  15.   ...
  16. end;
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