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Linux / Re: Multiple lazarus found error...
« Last post by Mark- on Today at 04:56:56 am »
Thanks lucamar, that solved it.

When I read your signature I had a nice chuckle. Recalled sitting at a desk working on Z80 with CP/M on 8 inch floppy disk.
General / Re: Thread safe classes
« Last post by SymbolicFrank on Today at 04:40:23 am »
Q: How do I share a random variable/container between multiple threads?
A: Don't do that. It's problematic.

Q: But, I lock and unlock (or sync) every access to that var / list, why is it still problematic?
A: Lock and unlock (or critical section, mutexes, etc) are the most invasive and expensive functions you can execute. And they're mutually exclusive: the second lock on the same object will deadlock your app. Try not to use them.

Q: But, I have to tell the main app from multiple threads what to display, and when they're finished!
A: Yes, that's hard. Think really hard about that.

Q: But, I HAVE to communicate!
A: Have the main app create a thread-safe queue, pass the address to the threads and use that. It's your only safe bet.

Q: I really need multi-directional communications...
A: Use sockets. Quite complex if you need a manager (and you probably do), but it's the only safe way. And hey, it works on every platform!

Edit: I should make a threading class and document. And probably some other ones as well.
Linux / Re: Multiple lazarus found error...
« Last post by lucamar on Today at 04:24:21 am »
Just to be certain: ~/.lazarus is a hidden directory (note the starting dot); are you sure you looked there?

That second (rather first) Lazarus is a rebuilt IDE, probably because you (un)installed some packages in the old installation.

Do you know where Lazarus is getting that path from?
It is an actual file, a line in a configuration file, etc?

startlazarus looks in that path precisely because it knows that a "extended" Lazarus  is built there. The problem arises because its date is actually older than the supposed "original", so it thinks (quite logically) that you have two different Lazarus versions.
Linux / Re: Multiple lazarus found error...
« Last post by Mark- on Today at 04:13:01 am »
Thanks for the response.

I just did a complete reinstall and want to avoid it for now.

Do you know where Lazarus is getting that path from?
It is an actual file, a line in a configuration file, etc?

Linux / Re: Multiple lazarus found error...
« Last post by Handoko on Today at 04:01:02 am »
You need to do a total removal before reinstall the Lazarus/FPC:

01. Uninstall lazarus, fpc, fpc-src
02. Delete ~/.lazarus, except: editoroptions, environmentoptions
03. Delete /etc/fppkg (folder)
04. Delete /etc/fp.*
05. Delete /usr/share/fpcsrc (folder)
06. Delete /usr/lib/fpc (folder)
07. Delete /usr/bin/ppc*

I keep those 2 files in step #2 because I want to keep some setttings I configured for Lazarus. You can delete them if you want.
Linux / Multiple lazarus found error...
« Last post by Mark- on Today at 03:35:29 am »

Thought I removed everything fpc/lazarus related before installing 1.8.4.
The attached error appears when starting Lazarus.
Searching for the custom executable, no joy.

Where could it be?


Editor / Re: Crash IDE...
« Last post by Mark- on Today at 02:34:05 am »
Thanks for the responses.

While I have enjoyed porting this program the constant battles are getting old. Not sure how I got 1.8.4 installed, I  did, but I cannot get it to show up in the applications list after following all directions to move/copy the .desktop file.

Now I cannot get SdpoSerial installed in 1.8.4, error is it cannot find any needed files.

So I will remove everything fpc/lazarus related and attempt again.

Perhaps Gnome is the wrong desktop manager?

Remove everything fpc/lazarus I could find and got both installed again. Try the crash issue and it did not fail, excellent. Not to get the serial component installed.

JOY! I am back up and running and the porting can continue. Other than the problem I posted in the installation forum all is well.

Pas2JS / Re: Not able to compile simple program using pas2js
« Last post by jshah on Today at 12:45:25 am »
Downloaded it is working from command line

But now not working in Lazarus
Editor / Re: Crash IDE...
« Last post by Bart on Today at 12:42:13 am »
On linux I usually download fpc and use the install script that is inside the archive.
Make sure you have binutils (or similar) installed.
Then I download the Lazarus sources (easiest done using svn).
I have them in ~/devel/lazarus
Then simply do (assuming this folder layout)
Code: Bash  [Select]
  1. cd ~/devel/lazarus
  2. make bigide OPT="-gl"

Then download the sources for the fpc version you use and unpack them somewhere.
Lazarus needs to know where these are (it'll ask you).

I prefer having Lazarus in my home directory, so I have write access to the entire source.
If you don't need that, you can put is somewhere "system wide".

If the Wiki entry is about "Make your own compiler", shouldn't there be some information about the importance of also knowing Assembly Language?
At least one of the links shows how to write a compiler with assembler generator back end. But that is indirect info. Please add direct info about assembler importance if you feel like it.
I was thinking about something deeper, but I'd better leave it alone.
I only did a minor edit about Coco/R.
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