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While there is no RTTI unit per se, you will find a TypInfo unit which does most of what the old Delphi code did. You will also find, in a standard install, a whole page of RTTI related components.
I suggest you start off with looking up TypInfo in the Help files.
Pas2JS / Re: Add "Pas2JS" new section
« Last post by skalogryz on Today at 04:17:17 am »
Would you mind adding a new section "Pas2JS", or a child under "Networking and Web Programming".
General / Re: How to free form inside of panel?
« Last post by Handoko on Today at 04:09:22 am »
I try to create an application where I can view different forms without opening them in new windows. However, only one form may be available at a time.

If the layout is simple then you may use TNotebook. If it is complicated you can use TFrame. Here I wrote a demo showing how to use TNotebook to avoid using multi-forms:

Hi Everyone. 

My first post on the Lazarus forum.

I am coming from Delphi which has become so ridiculously expensive, so I'm porting to Lazarus.  Thanks to the Lazarus community for making such a great open source project. 

I want to iterate through a class's fields, methods and properties to get and set various information.   This has to be generic for any class, so it needs to discover what fields, methods and properties are present.   In Delphi I can use the code below (see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4466629/iterate-member-variables)

Excuse my ignorance. In Lazarus/FPC I can not find any rtti unit.   How to do this in Lazarus/FPC?

Many thanks



uses rtti; 


procedure GetInfo(obj: TObject);
  context: TRttiContext;
  rType: TRttiType;
  field: TRttiField;
  method: TRttiMethod;
  prop: TRttiProperty;
  SL: TStringlist;

  context := TRttiContext.Create;
  rType := context.GetType(obj.ClassType);
  SL := TStringlist.create;

  for field in rType.GetFields do
   If field <> nil then
  SL.Add('Field name = ' + Field.Name);

    ;//do something here
  for method in rType.GetMethods do
     If method <> nil then
     SL.Add('Method name = ' + method.Name);
    ;//do something here

  for prop in rType.GetProperties do
    ;//do something here
       If prop <> nil then
       SL.Add('Property name = ' + prop.Name);

Pas2JS / Re: Add "Pas2JS" new section
« Last post by warleyalex on Today at 03:42:51 am »
Perhaps compare with qooxdoo JS version from a couple years ago:

Thanks for the link.

Nowadays, is it possible to convert Lazarus/Delphi Form designer into HTML page with compatible qooxdoo components?
It has been said someone named Phil has created such nice tool.
Здравствуйте программисты, помогите пожалуйста. Нужна программа, в которой должен к примеру появляться на форме прямоугольник, который выдвигается из правого края формы, двигаться до левого края и заходить за него, далее появляется новый и также движется, интервал появления между прямоугольниками должен быть разный. Вот такая задача, помогите пожалуйста с ней.
General / Re: How to launch a GUI app with parameters
« Last post by L.Raúl on Today at 02:16:51 am »
Thank you Bart & Avra :-)

Linux / Re: [Solved] 1.8 Memory Issue - I Think
« Last post by Hover on Today at 01:10:24 am »
No need to apologize, but there was nothing misleading at all. I thought Lazarus might be leaking, that's why I started the thread, very, very reluctantly I might add.

The form movement memory allocation linkage in the IDE is something I had never noticed before. I had already spent many hours going through my code trying to find out what the problem or problems were. Taazz's response was clear and I went right back to my code.

Isn't that what the forum is for?

Is this feasible in Lazarus?  :)

Of course it is.  There are plenty of base64 decoders available if you look around.  Find one, decode the base64 to binary data, store the data in a TStream like a TMemoryStream, and then load that into the TImage.Picture property as needed
General / How to load a BASE64 encoded image to a TImage component
« Last post by andersonpem on Today at 12:46:54 am »
Hi everyone. This is my very first post. Please don't be angry at me if I look dumb hehe.
I wonder if I could load images on TImage components from a BASE64 encoded string. I have a webservice which list some itens with images. These images are in BASE64.

Is this feasible in Lazarus?  :)

Thanks everyone.
From a brazilian beginner.
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