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General / Re: Save Lazarus options...
« Last post by Martin_fr on Today at 11:26:57 am »
"...if you want to copy between 2 installations."

Nah, I just really want to be able to back up my one installation. It takes a lot of work to get it set up the way I work, If all my settings and options are located in that one folder I can deal with backing it up.

Settings are in the XML and dci files (and maybe cfg).
afaik the laz_indentation.pas is for codetools auto indent.

staticpackages.inc are installed packages.

folder projectsessions may have (depending on each projects settings) the session files (lps) belonging to projects.

There may be (on some systems) a tmp folder with .o and .ppu files. This should not be backed up.
FPSpreadsheet / Re: user define function
« Last post by kjteng on Today at 09:37:03 am »
This is hard stuff. I tried several approaches, but none of them worked out, mostly things are even getting worse...

There are two elemental issues:
  • While TCustomGrid has a ValidateEntry method which can be used to prevent leaving an erroneous cell, TEdit does not have such a thing. It does have OnEditingDone but this is too late, it is called when the other control is already focused. Does anybody know a cross-platform way to hook into the TEdit method flow to call some kind of "ValidateEntry" method before the control loses focus?
  • Even if this can be solved there is the fundamental question how an error message can be displayed in a messagebox if the error control is not allowed to become unfocused. Or how the application can be closed in the error case by a click on a TButton which also requires a focus change.
Noted your comment above.
I also noticed that you have amended the code in fpspreadsheetgrid.pas and the test result are follows:
Now if I entered =AA  in TsCellEdit box, I will get 'Unknown identifier' error message, and I have two choices: OK or Abort. If I choose OK, the cursor will be back to the tsCellEdit box for me to make changes----this seems to be ok.

However, if I key in =AA directly in the wsGrid (editor on the cell), I will get 'Unknown identifier' error message with an OK button. I am stuck in this error message window because the same message will be display if I click ok button. The only way to get out is to kill the program from task manager.  Please look into this. TQ
Third party / FPCUPdeluxe and arm/WinCE
« Last post by LacaK on Today at 09:13:50 am »
I can sucessfully prepare cross compiler for arm/Linux, but for arm/WinCE I get:

divide.inc(142,6) Error: Unknown identifier "FPC_DIV_DWORD"
divide.inc(162,6) Error: Unknown identifier "FPC_DIV_DWORD"
divide.inc(180,6) Error: Unknown identifier "FPC_DIV_LONGINT"
system.pp(1777) Fatal: There were 3 errors compiling module, stopping

I want to use stable FPC 3.0.4 and Lazarus 1.6.4 (because in Lazarus 1.8.4 is broken WinCE support, bug #32366)
Other / Re: The PascalCoin Project: A New Cryptocurrency
« Last post by Xor-el on Today at 09:13:03 am »
Just tried to compile it using lazarus and it gave an error.
I took a look to the code and it looks commented but not enough to be "educational".

Anyway, good idea and best luck.
What compiler error did you get?
What version of Lazarus? It compiles fine for me in Lazarus 1.8.4.
Maybe I am saying something everybody knows, but there is a function called ProgramDirectory: http://lazarus-ccr.sourceforge.net/docs/lcl/fileutil/programdirectory.html  :)
Networking and Web Programming / Re: GEt a keyed SHA256 hash from string
« Last post by Xor-el on Today at 09:07:33 am »
Yes, it was a lack of error handlers in my code. I implemented all the necessary handlers and i had no more errors. Thanks  Xor-el for your time  :)

You are welcome, glad you finally fixed it.
Databases / Re: spaces in DBEdit box
« Last post by mobilevil on Today at 07:31:15 am »
Sorry I found it. I should use VARCHAR instead of CHAR on server side.
Third party / Re: Fpcupdeluxe
« Last post by DonAlfredo on Today at 07:27:36 am »

Fpcupdeluxe is GUI ! Fpc[laz]up is command line !!

For headless, use fpclazup.

Example command for installing 32bit trunk on Windows:
fpclazup-i386-win32.exe --fpcURL="trunk" --lazURL="trunk" --installdir=C:\fpclazbydeluxe\headless --fpcsplit --noconfirm

Example command for installing 64bit stable on Linux amd64:
fpclazup-x86_64-linux --fpcURL="stable" --lazURL="stable" --installdir=usr/share/fpclazstable --fpcsplit --noconfirm


At launching fpcupdeluxe display in the middle of my two screens
Should be solved in latest release.

impossibility to install mORMot, which is strange for a product from the same team
mORMot cannot be installed. It has no packages.

In case of compilation error, which happened with zeos for example, the utility loses foot
Yes. But just pressing uninstall for that same module should ease your task.

It could also be good to be able to select multiple addons
Due to the fact that package install-errors are common, this feature has been dropped to ease tracking of these errors.
General / Re: MORMot problems with Lazarus
« Last post by DonAlfredo on Today at 07:09:42 am »
If you are using Lazarus:
Goto the Project / Options / Paths. Point the Libraries (-FL) towards the correct static libraries for your system. See the libraries inside the static-directory of mORMot.

A good method to get an idea of all the settings, is to open or look into TestSQL3.lpi inside the mORMot directory. You will find something like this:
<Libraries Value="..\static\$(TargetCPU)-$(TargetOS)"/>
This line causes Lazarus to auto-magically use the right libs !
I used to do that (I know, it is deprecated) :

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  2.     function f_GetAppDir (var L_dir: SInt32; var x_vrn: SInt16): t_OSErr;
  3.         var
  4.             L_psn: ProcessSerialNumber;
  5.             xx_cat: FSCatalogInfo;
  6.             xx_ref: FSRef;
  7.             L_oss: OSStatus;
  8.             xErr: OSErr;
  9.             L_err: t_OSErr;
  10.     begin
  11.         L_err := 1;
  13.     { - }
  15.         L_oss := GetProcessBundleLocation(L_psn, xx_ref);
  17.         if L_oss = noErr then
  18.         begin
  19.             xErr := FSGetCatalogInfo(xx_ref, kFSCatInfoVolume + kFSCatInfoParentDirID,
  20.                                                     @xx_cat,
  21.                                                     nil, nil, nil);
  23.             if xErr = noErr then
  24.             begin
  25.                 L_dir := xx_cat.parentDirID;
  26.                 x_vrn := xx_cat.volume;
  27.     { - }
  28.                 L_err := k_noErr
  29.             end
  30.             else
  31.                 L_err := xErr
  32.         end
  33.         else
  35.     { - }
  37.         f_GetAppDir = L_err
  38.     end;

DEPRECATED, but it works on Mac OS 64 bits
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