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General / Re: Xml sign
« Last post by Thaddy on Today at 10:21:26 am »
fcl-xml is a lot better, Jos.
Maybe we can add the functionality there, maybe as typehelper in a separate unit to keep the original code w/o unnecessary dependencies.
LCL / Re: LCL Component for grouped information
« Last post by wp on Today at 10:20:22 am »
Look at the code of the demo. It adds copies of the "master frame" at run-time and sets its properties as needed. The "master frame" itself is designed like a form after selecting "File"> "New" > "Module" > "Frame"
Spanish / Re: Problemas al instalar WST-0.61 en Lazarus 1.8.0
« Last post by Renat.Su on Today at 08:54:53 am »
Code: [Select]
Index: ide/lazarus/wst_design.lpk
--- ide/lazarus/wst_design.pas (revision 6096)
+++ ide/lazarus/wst_design.pas (working copy)
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
   ufrecordedit, ufrmsaveoption, uftypealiasedit, uinterfaceedit, umoduleedit,
   uprocedit, view_helper, uargedit, command_line_parser, generator,
   generatorbase, generatorj, locators, logger_intf, metadata_generator,
-  parserdefs, parserutils, pascal_parser_intf, source_utils, ws_parser_imp,
+  parserutils, pascal_parser_intf, source_utils, ws_parser_imp,
   wsdl_generator, wsdl_parser, wst_resources_utils, xsd_consts, xsd_generator,
   xsd_parser, LazarusPackageIntf;
Index: wst_global.inc
--- wst_global.inc (revision 6096)
+++ wst_global.inc (working copy)
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
-    {$IF Defined(FPC_FULLVERSION) and (FPC_FULLVERSION >= 30101) }
+    {$IF Defined(FPC_FULLVERSION) and (FPC_FULLVERSION >= 30004) }
At my work computer everything works fine with the same project. Means something left behind my experiments with trunk codetools :) I wonder, what could it be? I'll try clean reinstall again this evening.
Seems that it's related to http://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php?topic=39272
Graphics / Re: Improvements
« Last post by Thaddy on Today at 08:47:22 am »
Those experienced programmers usually also examine the assembler output to check if it makes any difference (Positive or negative) before they submit a patch.
And discuss such syntax preferences first on the mailing list.
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. procedure TPoint.Offset(dx,dy : Longint);
  2. begin
  3.   x += dx;
  4.   y += dy;
  5. end;

Is what I -might - prefer..... :D Just teasing...

Note that in -04 all three generate the exact same code.

Such a patch will probably applied if you add inliine, and in that case just because of inline...Otherwise probably not.
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. procedure TPoint.Offset(dx,dy : Longint);inline;
Editor / Re: Code/identifier completion
« Last post by Thaddy on Today at 08:45:09 am »
Thaddy, have you tried it lately? Mattias an i have done some bug fixing for generics in codetools. For me it works quite okay now, though it's not finished yet.

I have tried it in 1.9 and it is quite satisfactory. I only tested mode delphi. Very useful now.Thanks.
General / Re: Xml sign
« Last post by nummer8 on Today at 08:44:40 am »
For Delphi I use the following xml component.


I don't know if it has the functionality you need but it is with source-code.

Graphics / Re: Improvements
« Last post by avra on Today at 08:38:48 am »
Well, experienced pascal programmers would be even more experienced once they learn to use trunk, create a patch and propose it into bugtracker:
Android / Re: LazToApk 0.9.38 is available now.
« Last post by Handoko on Today at 07:52:05 am »
Great, and thank you.
I'm a bit busy currently, will test it later and report back my test result.
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