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I've ran into this just now and i managed to solve it on my computer.

It worked under Debian 8, but when i upgraded to Debian 9, then it broke. However, if you install libssl1.0.0 from the Debian 8 repo and downgrade your libssl-dev to the same version, then it will work, after you rebuilt your program. (Don't try to remove libssl-dev, it will broke tons of stuff, do
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  1. wget
  2. dpkg -i libssl-dev_1.0.1t-1+deb8u10_amd64.deb
  3. rm libssl-dev_1.0.1t-1+deb8u10_amd64.deb

I do not know the whys, but this solved my problem.
General / Re: REST Dataware Componentes
« Last post by GetMem on Today at 10:45:40 am »
Both REST Dataware and Indy are frequently updated in OPM. Of course you can choose the SVN versions too if you like.
Graphics / Re: [Solved] Component à la TPicShow (delphi)
« Last post by Handoko on Today at 10:45:20 am »
When I wrote "if TimerIndex < 255-TimerStep then", I was a bit unsure if it was 'correct'. My sixth sense told me it wasn't good.

But you're right, that was wrong. And you fix it simply and cleverly:
if TimerIndex  > 255 then TimerIndex := 255;
Pas2JS / Re: pas2js configuration help
« Last post by Leledumbo on Today at 10:40:51 am »
I've documented this rant here:,43660.0.html
But you seem to have found the solution.
Databases / Re: Why does GetInsertID always return 0?
« Last post by Leledumbo on Today at 10:38:29 am »
I dig in the implementation, it seems correct, but I'm on trunk. No idea if it was already implemented in stable.
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. // $(fpcsrc)/packages/fcl-db/src/sqldb/mysql/
  2. Function TConnectionName.GetInsertID: int64;
  3. begin
  4.   CheckConnected;
  5.   Result:=mysql_insert_id(GetHandle);
  6. end;
General / Re: REST Dataware Componentes
« Last post by XyberX on Today at 10:35:49 am »
 Use the SVN version because is more actual.
 Work with JS requests and anothers, webpascal have support to all.
 On site you have videos, and us skype support group, many of us help yours with yours questions.
 Thx guys.

 PS.: The benkmark support 1000000 of requests(Apache Linux and CGI RDW). All document about this on skype group.
Portuguese / Re: Rest Dataware
« Last post by XyberX on Today at 10:30:20 am »
Graphics / Re: [Solved] Component à la TPicShow (delphi)
« Last post by WimVan on Today at 10:29:25 am »
We have a logical problem, error in the timer-event

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. procedure TForm1.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
  2. begin
  3.   image.CrossFade(Rect(0,0,image.Width, image.Height), image_from, image_to, TimerIndex, dmSet);
  4.   image.Draw(Slide_panel.Canvas, 0,0);
  5.   if TimerIndex  < 255-TimerStep then
  6.     TimerIndex := TimerIndex + TimerStep
  7.     else Timer1.Enabled:=false;;
  8.   Application.ProcessMessages; // avoid to become unresponsive
  9. end;

This routine runs correct as long 255 is divisible by Timerstep.
BUt, if it is not divisible, Timerindex will never be 255, so the transition is never done completly (read 255).  This means that when the refresh stops, still parts will be visible of the first image.  Nearly completly fade out, but not wiped.

I modified it this way

procedure TForm1.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
  if TimerIndex  > 255 then TimerIndex := 255;  // transparenty greater than 255 returns an error

  image.CrossFade(Rect(0,0,image.Width, image.Height), image_from, image_to, TimerIndex, dmSet);
  image.Draw(Slide_panel.Canvas, 0,0);
  if TimerIndex  < 255 + TimerStep then
    TimerIndex := TimerIndex + TimerStep
    else Timer1.Enabled:=false;;
  Application.ProcessMessages; // avoid to become unresponsive
General / help editchange
« Last post by theflash09 on Today at 10:25:15 am »
procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  num1:= 275;
  num2:= 3.18;
   if edit1.text = IntToStr(num1) then edit2.text = FloatToStr(num2);
Translations / Re: "SuperCAD" translation from Delphi6+G32
« Last post by wp on Today at 10:05:23 am »
I wrote that using Delphi 6 + other libraries : G32 for fast graphics , Hipergrid , DragDrop , ExColorGrip , Thtml , JEDI and some mine.
  • Graphics32: There was a recent discussion here (,43903.msg308049.html): the Lazarus port on the author's github currently cannot be installed, and the other Lazarus port by PilotLogic (pl_graphics32) available via OnlinePackageManager has memory leaks.
  • Hypergrid: I don't know what that is. Please specify where it comes from. Are you aware that the lazarus grids are much more powerfull than the Delphi grids? If you still need a third-party grid you could have a look at KGrid available through the KControls on OnlinePackageManager
  • ExColorGrid: Again, i don't know what that is... If you mean advanced color selection components you can have a look at mbColorLib ( which is in Online Package Manager as well
  • THtml: Is this the HtmlViewer? That is available through Online Package Manager
  • JEDI: A limited selection of JVCL components has been ported to Lazarus (; the others often are not needed because their features are available in the LCL directly.
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