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Beginners / Re: Do newbies get a good "1st time impression" of Lazarus ?
« Last post by wp on Today at 01:02:25 pm »
I mainly work on Windows, something like 90% or more. Here installing a functional online-help is no problem at all - just check it in the installer, and it works out of the box, confirmed with the recently published Lazarus 1.8RC5. 

I'm not saying it is good, though, and I only rarely use F1 because the online help for most topics is non-existent or or trivial (i.e. making obvious statements). Source browsing, on the other hand, is extremely fast, must faster than lhelp to open even if it finds a help item. If I need additional information I use internet search, forum search, wiki (in this order, given by the power of the search tools).
using the compomente
TRxDateEdit, and after the update is not passing the focus to the next component in the sequence of TabOrder
If this control is inherited from TCustomAbstractGroupedEdit, the bug is fixed in Lazarus trunk and merged to Lazarus 1.8 branch (the bugfix not reached Lazarus 1.8 RC5). https://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=32533
thanks for the answer ...

I saw that the problem was solved, but I saw that this one informing you that it was for version 1.9, will this correction turn to 1.8?
The issue
is resolved.
User "accorp" provided a patch that fixed it. No whining, no ranting, he just debugged the code and fixed it.
Maybe he could work as a role model for "mai" in the future.

I also don't understand the complains about valid patches being ignored. The issue was reported just yesterday. There were 2 patches, one from Marco and one from accorp. They were both applied quickly.

@mai, it is time to make a decision.
Either show some respect for people who have brought this project so far and used countless hours for it, or move to a better project.
Your current attitude is a dead-end.
Linux / Re: [SOLVED] Get "make" to work to build Laz from cvs sources
« Last post by JanRoza on Today at 12:32:34 pm »
Isn't it about time to block this troll, his "contributions" add no value whatsoever to this forum.
I think he overstayed his welcome here.
No, those are not stupid questions, but suggestions.
It's far worse to see someone on this forum who only knows how to complain and whine all the time without any positive remark or any contribution.
That you do not seem/want to understand those remarks only shows you have no idea how opensource and online communities work.
Like I mentioned before all you do is whining, so why not leave such a bad product as Lazarus alone and install the all ideal Delphi  :P in Linux and work with that (if it will work at all).
I must say I have never seen such a negative and unfriendly person on these forums before, it's a wonder people still take the trouble of answering you.  >:( >:D
Linux / Re: [SOLVED] unit not found - nothing compiles
« Last post by mai on Today at 12:03:08 pm »
some things in mint/Ubu are neat, but my main distro is netrunner-rolling and KDE-neon-nightly
Beginners / Re: Do newbies get a good "1st time impression" of Lazarus ?
« Last post by avra on Today at 12:03:01 pm »
Forget about F1.
I do not agree with this. I first try F1, then wiki is usually the second, google third, and source browsing last. Although sometimes source can be second or even first. ;-)
Therefore among the first things I do after installation is to setup F1 with CHM help files. I also wish it worked out of the box like that, but that is not the case yet. Another room for improvement. Everybody is welcome to enter it.

And yes, I understand that making (or worse - failing) F1 to work can bother newbie a lot. Maybe even more then docking not beeing default.
Linux / Re: [SOLVED] unit not found - nothing compiles
« Last post by molly on Today at 12:02:25 pm »
no. it is perfectly possible to run 2 Laz in parallel.
Provided they are installed at different locations and don't share their settings.
Beginners / Re: Do newbies get a good "1st time impression" of Lazarus ?
« Last post by mai on Today at 12:01:41 pm »
I installed ~ 30 times now and f.deluxe is my favourite.

more breakage with the other methods, e.g. Ubuntu packaging seems broken.
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