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General / Re: how to hide this in mac os
« Last post by tianya on Today at 08:02:13 am »
Set the form's BorderStyle to bsDialog hide this successfull,but can't sizeable, how can i hide this and support size able? @Phil
General / Re: how can i show two digit in spinedit?
« Last post by CM630 on Today at 07:30:05 am »

Probably all non-native SpinEdits have the same drawback- they look odd, because they are not using a real spin edit, but a text box + an updown control
Third party / Re: CAD program written in Lazarus / FPC
« Last post by zamtmn on Today at 07:10:06 am »
>>I could not build it on Linux
Need trunk Lazarus and 3.0 or trunk FPC. I've been wanting to stop and maintain compatibility with the stable release, but always something is missing.

>>I try to understand the program programmatically to add features
what interests you?

>>I noticed that your program deals with objects and lines as a class  .Why do not follow the database method ??
I think that's right. This is the only way to make fast graphics.
Mac OS X / Re: macOS 32-bit app warning
« Last post by dbannon on Today at 06:36:17 am »
Yes Phil, I have done it like it is because of a (self imposed) constraint of being cross platform with minimal code unique to one platform.

The Linux and Windows version of the  app use the tray icon but I quickly discovered it did not really produce a Mac like experience and, on the Mac, leaked like a sieve ! So, I have a main menu that duplicates the tray icon popup menu and some ifdef-ing to handle the different platforms. It results in  pretty simple transition between Mac and the other two.

I don't quite see how a menu can be displayed before the Form its associated with is created ? Maybe thats just not the way LCL thinks ?   I suppose I could transfer "main-ness" to another, simple form that does show and move the Mac menus there but it would mean a different look and feel (and quite a lot of different code) between platforms.

Sad thing is, it does work quite well using Carbon ....

I do wonder if this specific problem will go away if and when the "don't show menu when debugging" is fixed. They are, to some degree, similar.  :-\

The Application itself is a replacement for the old Tomboy Notes, a Mono app that has lost much of its user base. For a long time it had a separate Mac stream, some common code but was evolving into a different beast and became abandon ware (the Mac part I mean).

So, in discussion, I quoted the "write once, build anywhere" slogan and the rest, as they say, is history.

BGRABitmap and LazPaint / Qué tableta gráfica para photoshop
« Last post by baise on Today at 06:15:32 am »
Buenos días.

Quería saber si me podéis recomendar una tableta gráfica, el uso que le daré es el siguiente:

Soy diseñador gráfico y utilizo illustrator / photoshop, diseño imágenes tanto web, como para impresión (packaging y cartelería), también me gustaría tener la tableta para ir tratando de hacer algún artwork a ver que tal me sale, aunque no soy muy bueno.

Mi confusión es la siguiente a la hora de elegir una, he visto que XP-Pen tiene dos gamas de Artist 15.6 ( https://www.amazon.es/XP-Pen-Artist15-6-Gr%C3%A1ficos-Monitor-Tableta/dp/B0785682VP )una digamoss normal que incluye varias ediciones que no termino de saber en que se diferencian exactamente (draw, art, photo y comic) y luego otra que es la XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro ( https://www.amazon.es/XP-Pen-Tableta-Gr%C3%A1fica-Pantalla-ajustable/dp/B079BNHSFL )que es algo más cara y nose si realmente me compensa ya que hay una diferencia de casi 150€.

No quiero tampoco gastarme mucho, ya que en principio es por capricho e ir acostumbrándome a las tabletas pero claro si la diferencia entre la normal y la pro es muy bestia quizá me piense el ir a por la pro, y si me recomendáis la normal , ¿que versión cojo y por que ? .

Muchas gracias, saludos.

General / Re: Umlaut UTF-8 Question
« Last post by totya on Today at 06:13:47 am »
If I sent you a link to my full program, could you check it?

Hi, okay... I will look it within few days.
General / Re: DWmemtable the memtable with fieldseditor
« Last post by anderbelluno on Today at 05:59:17 am »
The package is wonderful. Now with DWMenTable it is totally independent and always has updates and fixes. Gilberto is to be congratulated.
It would be time to insert it into the online package manager.
Networking and Web Programming / Re: FPHTTPClient + GitHub = :)
« Last post by Trenatos on Today at 05:54:24 am »
Thanks a bunch Phil, that did the trick, I also used that to stream a file download, works like a charm.

I really appreciate the help  :)
Mac OS X / Re: macOS 32-bit app warning
« Last post by Phil on Today at 04:55:55 am »
With (2), perhaps it's just lost the focus? When you click on the app on the Dock, does the app's menu appear?
No, clicking the icon in the 'Dock" (see, I'm learning), does not appear to do anything.

It is possible to see apps on Mac where just the menu bar appears - example: TextEdit. But these apps don't do it by hiding the window. Rather, the window is not yet open. See if that works for you. Hiding the window seems like an odd thing to do.

On second thought, that might be an LCL oddity: when you close the main window, the app closes. Mac apps don't normally behave like that. So perhaps hiding the window is your workaround for LCL peculiarities?
Mac OS X / Re: macOS 32-bit app warning
« Last post by dbannon on Today at 04:48:08 am »
Hi Phil, I have not had time to investigate further, maybe latter today.

Said Phil :
With (2), perhaps it's just lost the focus? When you click on the app on the Dock, does the app's menu appear?
No, clicking the icon in the 'Dock" (see, I'm learning), does not appear to do anything.

Said Phil
  "...menu bar" and "Dock.."
Ah, really ?  On my Linux system, same sort of interface, its called (I believe) a "Plank". Have to watch that, could cause some confusion. Fortunatly, the Mac users of my app don't have high expectations but I'll revisit some of my docs, thanks !
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