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Beginners / free pascal (none-lazarus) help
« Last post by pielago on Today at 03:02:20 am »
Not sure if this is where to write my question? but here we go!
a month ago I downloaded free pascal from the website in to my mac 64bit and also added the IDE that the site recommend all was perfect i was able to create a folder add my project.pas and display the hello world in my terminal  however I'm using lightweight-IDE 1.0a10 and NOT! lazarus IDE also did many tutorials from site and wiki  to terminal and in a month i feel I'm getting it and ready for the next step which is  making a simple hello world APP but the pascal site and its contents point to lazarus in this case I'm confuse? is it possible to do what lazarus does? just by using the pascal and that IDE? or do i need to add more to the folder or add plug-ins? I tried to do a frame using lazarus code and it crashed !can anybody help me or direct me on what to do to achieve making a hello world frame with a simple button ?

P.S i really don't like the lazarus IDE and love the lightweight-IDE 1.0a10 i'm more like terminal user versus GUI user.
Hope someone HELP me!
General / Re: different selections to image code
« Last post by jamie on Today at 02:53:23 am »
Sounds like a retirement project  :)

But in any case what you are looking for is an electrical type CAD program or something like

 The first part of the project is to make a component editor. This editor will be using a base class where all components
you drop on the sheet will have a common operation. Operations are those that locate the component on the sheet, manage the
name of it from the library, have an image index for it to display itself etc..

 This base component will have a way to have a script that describes the number of INPUT connections, what type of connection
they are, outputs etc..

 This information is needed for the viewer to be able to display the components on the sheet.

 Then you have the connecting links where these components get linked together and that is yet another series of instructions
from another script...

 I have written these types of programs, I know what is involved, you have a lot of work ahead of you  :D

 Feel free to ask questions

BTW, this is a Lazarus / Free Pascal group..
Beginners / Re: Visual Pascal Community Edition
« Last post by valdir.marcos on Today at 02:03:05 am »
Ramus: создание диаграммы  (creating a chart)





I would appreciate if someone gave an estimate of this project in human hours.
If you think in a professional project, it won't take less than one year, with a team leader and three experienced full time programmers:
- 1 programmer for the graphical part;
- 1 programmer for reading text source code and transform it into graphical information;
- 1 programmer for reading graphical information and transform it into text source code.

3 programmers x 8 hours a day x 22 working days for month x 12 months = 6,336 human hours.

The programmers are paid by hour or month, but the team leader is paid by month or project.
I have attached a demo project.  Can some one add what ever needs to be added, and adjust what ever needs to be adjusted so I can:

- Get the result set in the grid
- Get the PLAN in the Memo2
- Not execute the script twice
- Not exclude the Stats, which I am gathering in my production project (not shown in this demo)


General / Re: Import excel to dbgird
« Last post by wp on Today at 01:13:02 am »
The attached demo imports the xlsx file of rvk's post into a TBufDataset and displays it in a DBGrid. You certainly can generalize the example for the ZEOS components.

Please note that field type is extracted from the data found in the second data row (underneath the title row). If a cell is empty here, just as here with the PMOL cell, then the field type is assumed to be a string - maybe not what you want. Therefore you must make sure that the first file that you import has complete data.
LCL / Re: [SOLVED] What am I doing wrong with this LCLVLC video class?
« Last post by cpicanco on Today at 01:12:43 am »
Here is the stand alone test:


This test is very simple. Just compile and click in 'X' to close the form. If no error have occurred, then your fine.
LCL / Re: What am I doing wrong with this LCLVLC video class?
« Last post by cpicanco on Today at 01:06:09 am »
I have found the error.  The problem was in the "constructor Create(AWinControl : TWinControl); reintroduce;" procedure. I was using the Parent (AWinControl) also as an Owner.

Now the constructor is  "Create(AOwner: TComponent; AParent : TWinControl); reintroduce;" and everything works just fine:
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. constructor TVLCVideoPlayer.Create(AOwner: TComponent; AParent : TWinControl);
  2. begin
  3.   inherited Create(AOwner);
  5.   FBackground := TCustomControl.Create(Self);
  6.   FBackground.Width  := 300;
  7.   FBackground.Height := 300;
  8.   FBackground.Left := 490;
  9.   FBackground.Top := 0;
  10.   FBackground.Parent := AParent;
  11.   FBackground.Color:=$00000;
  12.   FBackground.Cursor:=crHandPoint;
  13.   FBackground.OnClick:=@Click;
  15. {...}
  17. end;
The SET PLAN command is handled by the DataOutputFormatter. If you are getting an error on a set plan command then you have probably forgotten to assign one to the TIBXSript.

The OnSetStatement handler is called to process a SET statement that is not otherwise handled by the TIBXScript.
LCL / Re: What does this TGtk2WidgetSet.GetSysColor ERROR mean?
« Last post by cpicanco on Today at 01:00:28 am »
The error occurred for unknown reasons. I was testing vlc lcl player over a form. I could not reproduce the error.
BGRABitmap and LazPaint / Re: Material Design
« Last post by lainz on Today at 12:43:01 am »
Hi, I want to say only that maybe It takes a bit more of time to do these improvements. Because I want to start making some small games with Lazarus and BGRABitmap on my free time.

But I will not stop this project because I really like it =)

Any code is welcome, and don't forget that anyone can fork and modify the sources freely.
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