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Networking and Web Programming / Indy problem on FreeBSD
« Last post by BSaidus on Today at 08:55:19 am »
Indy servers don't works on FreeBSD.
to test : Just drop any server component, configure it and make  Active = true at design time.
the executable wont run, and a dump core is generated.

ah, another problem :
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. var
  2.   {$IFDEF UNIX}
  4.   // For linux the user needs to set this variable to be accurate where used (mail, etc)
  7.     {$IFDEF DARWIN}
  8.   GMachTimeBaseInfo: TTimebaseInfoData;
  9.     {$ENDIF}
  10.   {$ENDIF}
it give me a message :
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1.  IdGlobal.pas(1889,105) Error: expected ;, but deprecated found

Thanks for help.
General / Makefile for many projects
« Last post by BSaidus on Today at 08:45:35 am »
Is there a way to generate (only one) MakeFile to build many project on lazarus at once ?
Third party / VRMosaic for Lazarus
« Last post by adrixnt on Today at 07:52:41 am »
VRMosaic for Lazarus

a sliding cells puzzle game
written in Free Pascal for Lazarus



Graphics / Re: Modern UI in Lazarus
« Last post by mse on Today at 07:43:25 am »
My conclusion is: Native controls are preferable for (complex) desktop applictations and a self managed application is preferable on small devices with simple UIs.
I think that real cross platform solutions are difficult to achieve with native controls, especially for complex desktop applications. There are too much limitations with the native widgets approach IMO.
I do not understand why you think that internally managed widgets need more CPU-power than widgets which are managed by the OS?
BTW, MSEgui applications use the X11 protocol and don't draw client side pixmaps which must be transferred pixel by pixel over the network in remote case. There is also MSEifirem which connects MSEgui clients and servers by a byte stream without the need to transfer image data.
10'000 MSEgui buttons on a form:
General / Re: Free Pascal console programs on Android are easy
« Last post by Paul Breneman on Today at 05:11:06 am »
With GNURoot Debian it now comes up as Debian version 8.1 but I upgraded to 8.7 using the instructions near the bottom of this page:

The 2.6.0 ppcarm itself fails to run with: Illegal instruction

I'm using a Nexus 7 tablet (same device as three years ago) with Android 6.0.1 (that has been upgraded).  GNURoot (also upgraded) provides a chroot with Debian?

It has been three years since I did this before and things worked then so I don't know what might have changed so FPC 2.6.0 ppcarm doesn't even run now.

I'm trying the *most simple* thing, so no x11 or VNC needed. Thanks in advance for *any* suggestions on why ppcarm now fails to run.  As soon as I get this working I hope to create a new wiki page so it is easier for others to share.
The current behavior is the result of fixing this bug: http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=29196 . . . .

Thanks jesusr!  This explains a lot and fits my findings.  My test program that works does not use custom columns and works perfectly, just like my program on the older Lazarus version.  My program does use custom columns so it sounds like the text alignment is affected in the latest version.  I will try adjusting the text alignment as you suggest.
I want to generate combinations such as:

Goblin - Helmet01
Goblin - Helmet01 + L Shoulder
Goblin - Helmet01 + R Leg + R Shoulder
Goblin - Helmet01 + R Shoulder + L Leg

How would I do this?

Simple ansistrings of 7-bit characters are actually good data containers for processing combinations of items because they are easily indexed, self-adjusting in length, and have good built-in suppport for Copy/Delete/Length functions.
The attached example works out all combinations of the numerals in the string '0123' (according to your criteria) and then maps those numerals to the enumerated type
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. TShoulderLeg = (slLeftShoulder, slRightShoulder, slLeftLeg, slRightLeg);
and prints out the mapped combinations. Part of the output is shown for the first two helmets.
You can adapt the example to your needs.
General / Re: Application hangs frequently when using fpCEF3
« Last post by lainz on April 23, 2017, 11:46:31 pm »
I will not discuss, this is my last post, here  :-X

???  Moving to pastures new ?    -   I think we should be told  :o

The last in this thread, not in the forum. For example I try to help someone today to install bgracontrols in some thread.

That was because I already discussed in another thread my view about using electron, and don't want to talk about the same here.

Don't use CEF, use Electron  :D

I will not discuss, this is my last post, here  :-X

How do you use Electron with Lazarus and FPC?

A way is to use a command line FPC application that you call from the electron application, you can redirect the output, use files or what you want. Another way is to use a database that can be managed by both parties, then a command line to send tasks to FPC command line application.

And finally you can use a .dll, but never did that.

Edit: I want to add that running a command line application doesn't show the command line window (at least tested on windows) like when you run something from Java.
General / Re: Application hangs frequently when using fpCEF3
« Last post by vfclists on April 23, 2017, 10:39:46 pm »
Don't use CEF, use Electron  :D

I will not discuss, this is my last post, here  :-X

How do you use Electron with Lazarus and FPC?
General / Re: Stringgrid Edit works differently in Lazarus Version 1.6.4.
« Last post by jesusr on April 23, 2017, 10:36:05 pm »
The current behavior is the result of fixing this bug: http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=29196

The problem with the fix is that it uses the grid.canvas properties for resizing the editor, but the grid canvas properties are different depending on if you are in the paint cycle (and this is where the OnPrepareCanvas may modify the canvas) or not. Also the grid now checks the text layout of the cell and it will position the editor according to this text layout (note that this text layout can only be defined if you use custom columns, check grids reference page: http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/Grids_Reference_Page, if you are not using custom columns, then the default text layout is always tlCenter). I mention the text layout because in the old situation it was always assumed to be tlTop. If you are not using custom columns, you can also modify the text layout in the OnPrepareCanvas event, but again it will be ignored just like with the font properties. On top on that, OnSelectEditor is not triggered while the grid is in the paint cycle but that doesn't matter because the new code will not use the editor font for resizing the editor, it want to use the grid.canvas :).

How to fix it. Well, according to the code, if you instead of adjusting the font properties of the editor change the font of the grid with the same values AND use custom columns and you set (for the affected column) a TextLayout=tlTop, then it should work more or less like before.
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