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Author Topic: [SOLVED] Does not exist console IDE in FreeBSD  (Read 1025 times)


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[SOLVED] Does not exist console IDE in FreeBSD
« on: November 02, 2018, 10:55:15 pm »
Good day!

I want start teach my son and I want to do that in plain console. My OS is FreeBSD 12-STABLE, I'm install such ports:
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. fpc-3.0.4                      Free Pascal compiler with Turbo and Delphi
  2. fpc-base-3.0.4                 Meta package to install all of the Free Pascal base
  3. fpc-chm-3.0.4                  Free Pascal unit to manipulate chm files
  4. fpc-dblib-3.0.4                Free Pascal DB-Library and FreeTDS unit
  5. fpc-fastcgi-3.0.4              Free Pascal fastcgi unit
  6. fpc-fcl-async-3.0.4            Free Pascal asynchronous event management (FCL)
  7. fpc-fcl-base-3.0.4             Free Pascal Component Library base
  8. fpc-fcl-db-3.0.4               Free Pascal Database Library (FCL)
  9. fpc-fcl-fpcunit-3.0.4          Free Pascal unit testing library (FCL)
  10. fpc-fcl-json-3.0.4_1           Free Pascal JavaScript Object Notation implemenation (FCL)
  11. fpc-fcl-net-3.0.4              Free Pascal network interfaces (FCL)
  12. fpc-fcl-passrc-3.0.4_1         Free Pascal language parsing library (FPC)
  13. fpc-fcl-res-3.0.4              Free Pascal resource handlers (FCL)
  14. fpc-fcl-web-3.0.4_1            Free Pascal web application libary (FCL)
  15. fpc-fcl-xml-3.0.4              Free Pascal XML and DOM library (FCL)
  16. fpc-fppkg-3.0.4                Free Pascal package manager unit
  17. fpc-gdbint-3.0.4               Free Pascal unit providing interface to gdb
  18. fpc-graph-3.0.4                Free Pascal interface to graphical applications
  19. fpc-httpd22-3.0.4              Free Pascal headers for Apache 2.2 series web server
  20. fpc-httpd24-3.0.4              Free Pascal headers for Apache 2.4 series web server
  21. fpc-ibase-3.0.4_1              Free Pascal interface to interbase
  22. fpc-iconvenc-3.0.4             Free Pascal unit to iconv library
  23. fpc-libcurl-3.0.4              Free Pascal interface to libcurl
  24. fpc-mysql-3.0.4                Free Pascal interface to MySQL
  25. fpc-odbc-3.0.4                 Free Pascal interface to ODBC
  26. fpc-openssl-3.0.4              Free Pascal unit for OpenSSL
  27. fpc-oracle-3.0.4               Free Pascal interface to Oracle
  28. fpc-pasjpeg-3.0.4              Handling JPEG files with Pascal
  29. fpc-postgres-3.0.4             Free Pascal interface to PostGreSQL
  30. fpc-pthreads-3.0.4             Free Pascal wrapper for the pthreads library
  31. fpc-pxlib-3.0.4                Free Pascal unit to read various Paradox files
  32. fpc-regexpr-3.0.4              Free Pascal regular expression routines
  33. fpc-rtl-extra-3.0.4            Free Pascal rtl-extra unit
  34. fpc-rtl-objpas-3.0.4_1         Free Pascal compatibility unit with Delphi
  35. fpc-sdl-3.0.4                  Free Pascal interface to SDL library
  36. fpc-sqlite-3.0.4               Free Pascal interface to SQLite
  37. fpc-utils-3.0.4                Free Pascal Compiler utilities
  38. fpc-x11-3.0.4_2                Free Pascal interface to X windows server
But in all How-To said that to start console IDE type command fp, but such binary is not exists :(
Please tell me what package I need to install for such IDE?
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Re: Does not exist console IDE in FreeBSD
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2018, 11:27:36 pm »
Sorry guys!

I'm found it in package editors/fpc-ide


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Re: [SOLVED] Does not exist console IDE in FreeBSD
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2018, 01:52:43 pm »
Note that dividing the package into subpackages is what the porters do. The reference package is still the .tar.gz all in one.



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