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Author Topic: EhLib.VCL 9.3 is available for download (With support Lazarus under Linux)  (Read 684 times)


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Dear Developers,
We are glad to inform that a new version of EhLib software - EhLib 9.3 is available for download.

In this version:

+ Support of Lazarus under Linux

See detail information in "About EhLib.VCL 9.3 Eng.doc" file of EhLib archive

You can download Evaluation version of EhLib archive on EhLib home page:


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How should I use it on Lazarus (and Linux), if it is Windows (self-packed?) binary?

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Lazarus 1.8.4 Unversioned directory FPC 3.0.4 x86_64-linux-gtk2


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You're right. Unfortunately, to open the archive you need Windows.
We will think how best to fix it.
Now, we can create a zip archive for you if you are interested in exploring the library.



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